Friday, October 12, 2007

Amar to perform in London

My girl Amar has not stopped since her unforgettable feature on Shock Value's "Bombay." She's been working on new music for her debut album but I will save all the juicy details for our next Artist Update on Amar coming very soon. In the meantime Amar will be performing live on October 26th in London at the Jazz Cafe. Here are the details:

***London-based Asian singer Amar first featured on the 1997 album 'Talvin Singh presents Anokha : Sounds of The Asian Underground'. The daughter of Bhangra royalty Mangal Singh, she signed to Warner in her teens, recording her debut album 'Outside', produced by Nitin Sawhney.

Since then Amar has attracted the attention of hip hop heavyweight Timbaland and she features on his current album 'Shock Value'. She also appears on remixes of Nelly Furtado's 'Maneater' and 'Promiscuous Girl' singing in both Hindi and English.

Her forthcoming album is tipped to be the next Asian breakthrough release and will feature production from Timbaland and Jim Beanz.

Amar's Electric Proms performance will be an exclusive preview of her new album and will include special electric reversions of her early hits 'Jaan', 'Sometimes...' and 'Red Sky.'****

Want to win 2 free tickets to the show? Check here for all the details.

Congratulations to Amar and I hope some of our readers will get a chance to go to the show.


  1. Thanks a LOT dude :D I registered for tickets, ill see how it goes!

  2. What are those Nelly Furtado remixes they're talking about? Have they leaked?

  3. Luke check Amar's myspace:

    They're posted there as well as another song labeled "Amar Original" produced by Jim Beanz

  4. I got two tickets :D the rest are sold out


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