Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy B-Day !!!

It's October 7 in Germany in some minutes. Which means 1 year anniversary for this amazing fan and stan blog. I gotta admitt that I learned quiet a lot during this time about Timbaland and how he works, what he talks etc. And also I realized in this time that he kinda lost his magic - at least to me. Sometimes I think we shouldn't dig that deep and just appreciate the music. What do you guys think about Timbaland now after 1 year full of informations?

Well, we as die hard fans...we gotta do what we have to do :) That's why my present for y'all today is yet another unknown sample that Tim used on
Missy's "Dangerous Mouth" back in 1999.

And now check "The Assassination" off the
"Most Wanted" soundtrack
composed by
Paul Buckmaster


  1. i just wanna say what a year!
    you guys put it up so well!
    seriously though, we need more.
    another fullll yearrr.
    the way it was written it felt like that was the end...

    J Boog! you crazy!

    ...what a year!


  2. a BIG HappyBirthday from germany!!!
    my little b-day present for you: "Danja ft. Britney - get back"(not that pacman beat!) Link:

  3. thx, but we knew this one already fo sure. people need to give us time to post it sometimes :)

  4. happy birthday!!!

    i hope u provide us wid many more years of info bout timbo for us

  6. congrats.
    please dont go dont the fanboy road.

    It used to be about timbo quality music.
    TOOooooo much poor quality timbo-alike danja etc stuff nowadays.

  7. Happy bday, great site that's been keepin me up to date with all timbo news and i'm lovin it!! All the staff have done a fantastic job for real, 1 question though....where the HELL did Czar go? He can't be bothered with this site no more or he ain't that much of a timbo fan no more?

  8. congrats!!!

    keep up the good work!

    much luv from cologne/germany :)

  9. Congrats keep the tim news comin!!!

  10. Congrats on the 1 year Anniversary of the Thomas Crown Chronicles my man...

    Man...How do ya'll do it? Ya'll got some of the best detectives over there findin' some of the illest stuff out there.

    Ya'll are too cool for that.

    Much Love and continued success to everyone over at the Thomas Crown Chronicles...

    Aaron James

  11. Happy BDay to an excellent site and resource! Nuff said!

  12. happy one year! damn, has it really been a year already? it's good to know that there are other folks who are timbo stans just like me.



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