Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Baby Bash nabs Timbaland

Baby Bash's new album Cyclone has had multiple release dates with the latest being October 30th. It is confirmed that Timbalanad will be producing the track "Once Bitten, Twice Shy". Ryan Tedder of One Republic in addition to co-writing "Onece Bitten" will also be producing "The Thrill Is Gone" and "Dip With You". Here's the tentative tracklist:

1. Cyclone featuring T-Pain & Lil' Jon
2. Nana (The Yummy Song) featuring Jean
3. Slide Over
4. As Days Go By featuring Paula Deanda
5. Untitled
6. Miracle (Woop Woop)
7. Just Like That
8. Mamacita
9. Dip With You featuring Andrea
10. Once Bitten, Twice Shy
11. The Thrill Is Gone


  1. Timbaland or the Royal Court? or Jim Beanz?

    It's become hard to read into and believe the veritability of Timbaland.

  2. Timbaland is the co-writer of the track so I'm sure it will be him for production.

    I agree it really is hard to know what is truly a Timbaland production anymore. It helps with Beanz because he is now producing for Timbaland Productions versus The Royal Court who still have Tim's name associated with their work.

  3. Yeah it seems he only produces for the major artists now like an Alicia Keys,Jay-Z,Missy,Chris Brown,Beyonce,JT,Nelly Furtado,Madonna type artists he doesn't just mass produce like he used to anymore i miss that. I wouldn't mind him being the lil wayne of producers he is just the best.

  4. damn man, is Tim's new policy to just produce one or two random-*ss tracks for singers you wouldn't listen to otherwise when he's not workin' with his core artists? kinda like every rapper he produced for not named Jay-Z. when's the next big Timbo project, well other than (kinda) that Duran Duran album.

    it is good he doesn't just produce for whoever, but i gots to have a new full-length Timbo project dammit

  5. J Boogie is a FOOL obsessed with nonsense. Royal Court doesn't produce by themselves and just give Tim the beat. Tim oversees everything their doing and and leads them towards the right direction. Tim will do the drums and beatbox the rest of the instruments. How else would you explain Icebox having the same samples as ms. jades big head. Tim lays the foundation and shows them what else to do. So ya'll really need to stop with giving Tims ghost producers more credit than him because at the end of day its his name on the credits before anybody.

  6. The Obssesed Chronicles of Nonsense brought to you by J-Fool

    Hmm that does have a ring to it....

  7. aside from the over-the-topness i gotta kinda agree with dude about Tim's alleged ghost producers based on what i've heard. dudes're contributors for sure, but most every time i've heard a solo track from the dudes who're supposedly doin' the dirty work, it ain't as hot.

    Royal Court don't have any official solo credits at this point though do they?


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