Monday, October 8, 2007

Kelly Rowland & Danja

and so starts year 2...

Interested to hear what they come up with.


  1. i'm glad u posted this cus i was watchin the show and it came outta the blue. the way she said MY BOY!! lol dang danja seems to b havin lots of chemistry wid the ladies man lol. i agree with u........ this shud b interesting.

  2. I can't WAIT to hear what Danja cooks up with Kelly. I loved 'Ms. Kelly'. I love Kelly's voice and I know Danja will come correct with the production.

    I thought 'Ms. Kelly' was hot as it was and that the album was bangin'. But I'm definitely looking forward to hearing these new joints. She may as well do a Rihanna and just release a brand new album soon after her last one. It'd be silly to get Danja and Bryan Michael-Cox on board just for a couple of joints on a re-release. She should just put out a new album and carry over "Work", "Love" and "Still in love with my ex" and BLAM. Call it a new album.

  3. ^Agreed.

    My favorite on that album is actually "The Show (feat. Tank)". Tank makes some sexy, moody songs like no other.

    The first time I heard the album, something about "Flashback" made me think of Tim/Danja.

  4. no one is checkin for her music...throw her cd in the 99 cent bin and she might have something!!!! hey kelly back away from suicide ask britney!!!!


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