Friday, October 5, 2007

Alicia Keys 2nd single

Alicia Key's new album As I Am is set to hit stores November 6th. She has collaborations with John Legend, Linda Perry, and 2 tracks with John Mayer. Her first single "No One" has been doing well and she has been playing different venues across the country in support of her new album. Her 2nd single will be the Timbaland produced "Like You'll Never See Me Again" said to have a "Purple Rain" type vibe a la Prince.

Recently Keys performed another track from her new album called "Superwoman." Check it out:

Props to Bigmac for the info!


  1. damn, this is beautiful

  2. I cant wait to hear it Alicia is so fine and talented. I liked the last one tim did for her also it fit with how the album sounded.

  3. can any1 link the song at all?

  4. the voice, the facial expressions, the smile

    im speechless..

  5. Ok the song is beautyfull and so on but.. can anybody tell me what this track has to do with Timbaland?!! Better post that "Like You'll Never See Me Again"..

  6. i love u alicia im ur #1 fan and ilove this song keep it up gurl


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