Tuesday, October 16, 2007

B5 and Kevin Michael revisited

Here are the credits for B5's "Teardrop":

Writer: Corte Ellis
Producer: Danja
Executive Producer: Diddy & Kevin Wales
Mixer: Marcella "Ms Lago"

Also the 2 Kevin Michael tracks produced by Brian Kidd "Love Letter" and "Liquid Lava Love" were engineered by none other than the Senator Jimmy D which I find very interesting. Is Brian Kidd and Jimmy D the new production/engineering team?

Jimmy D was also the engineer for the Danja produced "Wonder Woman" and Clutch written "Store Run" (that's Candice Nelson on vocals) off Trey Songz new album Trey Day. Despite Tim and Jimmy D not working together as much as they used to, the Senator has still managed to stay very busy.

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