Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Timbaland named #29

Blender magazine named it's worst lyricists of 2007 with Timbaland at #29:

****What do Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody,” Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” and Nelly Furtado’s “Promiscuous” have in common? They’re all great songs that would be even better were it not for a certain marble-mouthed producer dropping his clunky bon mots in the background. Tim may be a genius on the mixing boards, but hand him a pen and suddenly he’s as graceful as a beluga on roller skates.

Worst lyric: “Timbaland/Don’t you know I am the man/Rock shows from here to Japan/Have people shaking, shaking my hand” (“Are You That Somebody?”)****

I'll be the first to admit Tim is definitely not known for his lyrical skills but it's how he uses his voice that makes him so unique. Just think of all the senseless Tim and Missy lyrics we've heard though the years but then think of HOW they sound when we listen to them. That's why Tim and Missy are who they are. Even the line Blender quotes looks pretty ridiculous when read but all of us can remember exactly how that line sounds in our heads.

Blender also names Billy Corgan, Paul McCartney, Common, and KRS-One on their list, with Sting being the all time worst. Has the Blender staff ever heard of The Ketchup Song?


  1. "Has the Blender staff ever heard of The Ketchup Song?" -*LMAO* This should be honestly on #1..

  2. Wow they must be credible because they put Common and KRS-One on their list...what the fuck? That's the thing about Missy and Timbaland, their raps are silly sometimes but you don't have to be coming up with amazing metaphors or flowing like wildfire to be a good MC. Everyone knows there's no definitive way to be a great MC either because of the massive differences when we compare some of the undisputed best like LL Cool J & Q-Tip.

    Hey, we consider Missy one of the most influential and credible people in Hip Hop and she said "He He He How" and "Ra Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta", so fuck Blender! LOL

  3. This is how you know Blender have no clue what they are on about:

    "The 40 Worst Lyricists In Rock — #40 to #1"

    Common, Diddy, Timbaland, will i am are not ROCK artists...


  4. I agree about Timbo's lyrics being cringeworthy, but Common and KRS-One??

  5. yeah, this is the wack "erry rap must be seeeeeeeerious" mentality i hate. Tim's rap on "Are You" is incredibly amusing, his rap on "Promiscuous" fits perfectly with the song, as do his adlibs on "SexyBack." and we all know that classic line on "Chop Me Up."

    and Common's a solid emcee (nowhere as good as the backpacker set makes him out to be but still) but his lyrics can get kinda cheesy. see: some of his loverman songs.

  6. So, According to this: both, SoulaBoy and Hurricane Chris have better rap lyrics than Timbaland and Diddy. I guess "Superman that HOOOOEEEEE" and "No you can't do it like me, so dont do it like me, hoe, man that girl was ugly" oh and "Its so hot up in the club, that I aint got no shoes on" obviously falls under "art"

    Fuck blender.


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