Friday, October 26, 2007

The Clipse sign with Columbia & get Timbaland

After all the drama with Jive, The Clipse are looking to start fresh with their new deal with Sony/Columbia.

****This time last year, the Clipse complained to anyone who'd listen how unhappy it was on Jive Records. Now, the act's wish to leave has been granted. Sibling MCs Malice and Pusha T have ended their deal with Jive and the Neptunes' Star Trak Entertainment in favor of a new arrangement with Columbia.

The Clipse will own the masters for its Re-Up Gang artists, Ab Liva and Sandman. Next year, the Clipse will issue a Re-Up Gang album as well as a new studio disc, but for the first time, the latter will not be produced solely by the Neptunes. Instead, the brothers are anticipating working with Timbaland, Danjahandz and Dame Grease.

"I can honestly say that we were all friends before the music and will be friends to the end," Malice says of his relationship with the Neptunes. "Everything is business. If we had our way, we would always be on Star Trak. But it's what's working for you and what's not. We just want good energy, and Columbia has both the urgency and the muscle."****

Scratch one off my list of hopeful Timbo collabs. I'm definitely looking forward to what they cook up in the lab.


  1. as a neptunes fan its kinda disappointing, but as a neptunes, timbaland AND danja fan......... LOL this is frikkin great. i luv the clipse and this cna only make their album complete. i just hope that the neptunes can step up and giv them fire, rather than r&b type slow joints. i hav a feeling that danja and timbaland r gonna pretty much take up the "club banger" role which will leave the neps with no choice but to do sum slow shit. we will see cum next yr.

  2. Of course they will still work with the neptunes but i bet being fellow virgians and knowing tim since middle school and high school it was only a matter of time before they started working together cant wait to hear what they come up with Tim and Danja.

  3. even their rhymes are good, to me The Clipse are pretty much very one-dimensional.

  4. Timbo had better step his recent solo shit up to work with Clipse. On the other hand, Danja's got that shit. And I can't wait to hear what Pharrell comes up with next for them.

  5. pharrell? who is that? lol, you mean the neptunes!

  6. Yeah, where the fuck is Chad on their last CD?


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