Thursday, October 25, 2007

Attitude, Hannon, and the mystery of "Indian Flute"

I'm going to warn you all now, this post is strictly for the stans. For all those taking notes, for all those who keep track of the unanswered questions, and for those who can appreciate a good find this post is for you. What has been uncovered are true gems and by none other than our own Big A. Let's begin...

Many years ago a low quality track by Attitude surfaced called "Play The Game How It Go." Immediately labeled as a new Timbaland track, the stans were drooling over the new material. Soon though as more and more Attitude tracks turned up and research was done, it was determined that the track was not produced by Timbaland but by either Hannon Lane or J Nitti of The Ugly People. I've always leaned more towards J Nitti since at the beginning of the song Tude says ".....turn it up in the head phones J so we can hear it..." but I could never say for sure.

Another Tude called "A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E" also surface and there was also some debate as in who the producer was though most said it was Hannon Lane based on liner notes for Tude's mixtape at the time. Well an interesting video has surfaced from many years back showing Attitude and Hannon in the studio creating yup you guessed it "Play The Game How It Go" with a fade out to the track "A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E"

That's video #1 let's move on to video #2. A few months ago out of the blue multiple Attitude tracks were leaked online, most purposely leaked in bad quality, and all with no time line as to when they were created and by who. Was it Tim or Hannon or mabye Nitti again, no one knew for sure. 6 tracks were leaked and after some research it was determined they were created 3-4 years ago. Though the Timbaland tracks had been determined ("Freak'Aholic", "We Gon Get It" f/ Bubba Sparxxx & Knoc'turnal, "All By Myself" F/ D.O.E) there was still a question as to who produced "I See You" F/ D.O.E, "It's Alright It's Ok", and "Just Talkin' Shit" f/ Raje Shwari.

Well the mystery of 2 of those songs has been solved take a look:

But even that isn't the best part. I'll let Big A tell ya'll the big surprise:

"I was just checking my hard-disc today for some older videos and came across this nice footage that I completely forgot about. Well I probably knew already about 3-4 years now that Tim obviously didn't produce "Indian Flute". Sorry Boogie! :) But here the facts for y'all: according the liner notes of "Under Construction Part II", the entire album is produced by Timbaland (except "I Got Luv 4 Ya" and "Don't Make Me Take It There"). Do credits lie sometimes? Yes they do! But listen what Hannon himself has to say at the end of this clip....

What also should be mentioned on a site note is the fact that "Indian Flute" samples the colombian singer Toto La Momposina, same artist that Brian Kidd sampled on Rich Boy's "Get To Poppin"."

Now this is why The Chronicles are who we are! BIG THANKS to the one and only Big A for the great find!!


  1. Big A you made my month on this one man!!

    Remember everyone too that on Hannon's myspace it says he produced "Kold Cutz" as well from UCII versus the liner notes that say Timbaland.

    Hannon took a Columbian song and flipped it to make what we all thought was an Indian song, genius....

  2. ^^^lol genius is kind of an exaggeration.

  3. i dont think that may entirely b true, i think timbo still had a hand in the song/songs

  4. Ha one of the best posts by far, this is like super detective work or something lol

  5. Tim always gave hannon his props i'm sure you read the scratch article on tim talking about him.Hannon had issues at the time so he went with danja no big deal he is working with hannon now and on some big projects Madonna,jennifer hudson etc,etc i cant wait to hear them.

  6. THX to BigA and to the whole chronicles side for always pooling those infos!

  7. Why don't you guys do a tribute to all of Tims Ghost producers/musicians.

    Big Tank
    Brian Kidd
    Scott Storch
    Hannon Lane
    J. Nitti
    Royal Court(King+John)

    and if you do make sure I get a shout out lol Mr. AK

  8. this whole topic is mad interesting 2 me since "Indian Flute" is among the most mentioned Tim tracks ever and he obviously did not produce it.

  9. Might as well make a tribute to them i agree.

  10. Yep we need a whole week long ghost producer tribute. That would be hot. Everybody knows of these people but nobody knows there work

  11. Funny thing is we've been posting about all these guys since day 1 of The Chronicles.

  12. Big A, Boogie - you're THE private dicks of the new millenium!! :D I had no idea...
    Timothy Z. Mosley, I am very disappointed in you - you're grounded!


  13. LOL and everyone says Tim is the one who influenced Danja's sound completely and Danja just copied Tim. I think this makes that claim rather unfounded really doesn't it? Tim isn't the only one who has to be the most involved in a track just because he has equal credits in it and he's the big star producer. Look at this, he was the credited producer alone and didn't even produce/fully produce the track!

    P.S. I love Indian Flute!

  14. i remember for instance that danja said he had given one of his beats to ludacris that luda turned down. and it was the future sex love sound track. that means it was danja who did that track but tim also gets creds as producer.

  15. ^Yep, Danja DID do that track.

  16. doesnt mean tim didnt hav a hand in it doe

  17. I'm glad Luda didn't take it that beat wouldn't fit with luda.


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