Thursday, October 4, 2007

Missy Elliott at the VH1 Honors

First off let us all hope that something comes from this 1 picture:

This should at least put to rest all the rumors that Tweet and Missy had a fall out. Missy Elliott was one of those honored last night for the VH1 Honors show. Tweet, Keiysha Cole, Eve, Nelly Furtado, and many others paid tribute Missy a true pioneering legend.

In honor of Missy, VH1 has a pretty basic biography about her as well as an 11 part video interview talking about everything from her first meeting with Timbaland to describing "The Rain" video.

She's one of the only female producers in the game, she one of the first women to get their own labels, she's the highest selling female hip hop artist of all time and she more than deserves to be honored for her achievements in music.


  1. I hope they all work together and I hope Tweet gets a record out soon!

    I would love to hear Tweet's silky smooth vocals over a Danja track! HOT!

  2. she's NOT the highest selling female artist of all time

  3. she is the highest selling female rapper in history tho


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