Monday, October 1, 2007

The D.E.Y shoot video

Artist: The Dey
Song: "Get The Feeling"
Label: Epic
Director: Josh Forbes
Production co: Winch + Pulley
Rep: Lanette Phillips Management

This is yet another Royal Court production to be released as a single. That makes 4 out of 7 released tracks chosen as singles ("Icebox", "Anonymous", "She Said I Said", and "Get The Feeling"). With "Rearview", "No Definition" and "Murder" also in talks to be released as singles by Bobby Valentino, Mario, and Ashlee Simpson respectively, that's an incredible start for The Royal Court.

With that said is having your music placed worth sharing production credits with an A list producer even if that producer may not of had a hand in the creation of your track? Let us know...


  1. The Royal Court is working hard and I have been feeling all of they joints. NICE WORK!

    Getting a placement is the business, even if you have to place with a A-list producer. That guarantees more people will here the record and it also solidifies your credibility. I'd do it in a minute!


  2. well bout damn time...these dudes get sum credit...but there tracks are still wack sorry... there empty and missin sumthing in them...say its hate or whateva but i could carless....that dude tryin too sound like tim is annoyin in every song annoyin...reminds me of when rodney jerkins use too try and do the ad libs like tim ..they sound like c-list production off sound click

  3. Royal Court is coo but they need to change their style up i know tim said he was trying to teach them a certain sound but it needs to change because they are talented.

  4. Wasn't it reported on Chronicles before that "get the feelin" is solo-produced by Tim?

  5. To me, it seems like the Royal Court is leeching offa Tim. Tim's "style" has been lent to them, and I don't think they're trying to give it up any time soon. The Royal Court does some things with the beats that Timbo would never do, but just compare them to Danja and see who's the most far-reaching. Danja's borderline electronica; these guys are still hip-hop.

    As for the D.E.Y., we already got the instrumental (props for that), so I could care less for the single release.


    I just made a Royal Court wikipedia. I used the info I knew from this site. Everyone go ahead and correct my mistakes, as I'm sure I made some.

  7. @olsen34
    PROPS for ur effort. I like that when people take things into their own hand :)

  8. i always assumed it was a solo timbo prod. this is truly news to me. i even believed that becuz of what i thought to be his voice in the beat. :S


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