Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tweet talks new album

During the VH1 Honors Tweet talked with Spinderella (from Salt N Peppa) about her 12 track new album called Love, Tweet Take a look:

Tweet and the new album

Her first single is called "My Dear" featuring T.I. which is a remake of the unreleased Ciara f/ T.I. track "Goodbye, My Dear". Tweet did say it was a song that her fans wouldn't expect from her. Though I think it's a bad choice of a first single, I do like it a lot more than the Ciara version.

Other new tracks to date from Tweet have been:
- See Ya
- Whisper
- Give It To Ya

as well as:
- Reasons
- Love ??
- Priceless
- Love Again

from her myspace.

No producers have been officially announced though I'm positive you will see longtime Tweet producers (and Missy and Timbaland collaborators) Craig Brockman and Nisan Stewart part of the project. Let's hope Tim can contribute one or two tracks to the new album as well.


  1. Can't wait for this, I'm a massive Tweet fan.

  2. "Goodbye My Dear" seriously? i'm one of the crazy dudes who actually likes T.I.'s new album but that song falls into the "unreleased for a reason" pile.

  3. my dear sounds lyk it may come from da timbo camp seeing as it has the same type of synth dat was in diddy rock, my love, icebox and the recent no definition.

  4. T.I. self-produced the song.

    makes sense since it sounds kinda tinny. probably just was tryin' to get his budget Timbo on


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