Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Chronicles celebrates 1 year!!

Look below this post for lots of birthday goodies!!

As I write this I'm blasting Tim & Magoo's "Clock Strikes" as an homage to a golden era of Timbaland that we may never see again but as a reminder to why I started this blog: to pay respect to a producer who has forever changed the way we listen to music. It was 1 year ago today that I launched what I thought would be a place where 10 maybe 20 hard core Tim fans would come to hear me rant about all the Timbaland knowledge I had accumulated over the years. Instead the site grew and grew and became the biggest, (yeah I can say it) most informative Timbaland site on the net.

So who's just who is tuning into The Chronicles? For our first year:

* Nearly 250,000 hits with a current average of over 2,000 hits a day
* With the exception of Montana (where's the love?!?) we've had a visitor from every U.S. state
* We've had visitors from over 80 countries in the world from Japan to Iraq, New Zeland to Macedonia. That equals out to nearly half the countries in the WORLD has had a visit to The Chronicles. That right there should show the power of Timbaland's music and even more so of music itself.

The spirit of this site has always been a collabortative effort. The Chronicles is only as successful as it's readers and all of you have gone above and beyond in helping to make this site what it is today. Daily I get e-mails from all parts of the world giving me tidbits of info, samples, interviews, and all the juicy nuggets that help make this site so successful. With that said I thank ALL of you for being a part of what has become a very fun project. You all are just as much a part of The Chronicles as the team itself.

So what does that future hold for The Thomas Crown Chronicles? The same as it always has, samples, Timstrumentals, Rare Reels, more mysteries, Throwbacks, interviews, more exclsuives, and best of all more music!! We're not stopping for a minute we've only just begun.

We're looking to get a much needed make over here soon so be on the look out. The biggest change is we've combined the old Chronicles with the new one so now all 580 posts (that's a lot of info) are in one place for your enjoyment. Make sure to click on the "labels" at the bottom of our posts to find every post on that particular subject we've written about since day 1.

Again I thank all of you for the continued support and here's to year #2!!



  1. The chronicles is my favorite blog! I come 2 or 3 times everyday. Thanks!

  2. congrats people!

    i never knew that much people came to this site..

  3. Congratulations guys, this site is one of the few I check on a daily basis. Keep up the good work!

  4. This is history !

  5. Congrats guys! You're the best.

  6. Congrats! I booked marked the chronicles when i first found it and ive been back pretty much every day since. Keep up the great work!...much respect to you all the way from New Zealand!

  7. cheers!

    here's to another great year!


  8. love the blog

    keep it goin!

  9. Stopping here is a must on my daily Blog routine!
    Appreciate the efforts you all put in here!
    thank you guys :-)


    Mad Skillz - In Time => Timbaland & Magoo - "In Time" (featuring Ms. Jade & Mad Skillz) [Indecent Proposal] ??

    Sean Paul - What They Gonna Do F/ Jay Z => Jay-Z - "What They Gonna Do" (featuring Sean Paul) [The Blueprint²: The Gift & the Curse] ??

  11. nice work guys,

    bring it on for another year, lookin forward to it all..

    peace out and keep it up
    keep gettin better just like timbo does!


  12. Correct on those unconfirmed tracks thank you! It's been awhile since I updated that list :)

  13. CONGRATS! love this site to death lol i remember first comin on here, it was my senior year in high school and we was in the computer lab [suppose to be doin an assignment] i was gettin crunk to many timbo hits lol thanx so much for everything and keep it up. keep us all informed. thanx again and GOD BLESS

  14. Congrats!
    Keep it coming with the in-depth info.


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