Thursday, October 25, 2007

Menudo, Danja and The Clutch

You remember the J Que article we posted? Well if you read the very end he talks about one of The Clutch's up and coming collabos with none other than the original boy bad: Menudo. Now I'm an old cat and I can remember growing up how HUGE these guys were and I'm talking on a global scale. Whether you liked them or not they were everywhere. They had albums produced in different languages, every piece of merchandise you could think of, TV shows, etc.

After a very long abscense Sony Records wanted to bring the group back so with MTV's involvement, tryouts were held, people were eliminated, and a new Menudo was formed. To go along with the new band members, the group went with a new sound hookng up with Danja for a few tracks off their debut album as well as top notched writing from The Clutch. Here is a demo version of one of their songs:

Menudo "More Than Words" (A E I O U)

You can find out more about Menudo and their MTV special on their myspace. Also look for 2 more Danja/Clutch tracks off the album "Save The Day" & "Surrounded".

Big thanks to Devoured!


  1. The rhythem has that "not-so-RnB-ish"-feel to it. something different than the other danja tracks.. but I have to say I really like it so far, really interested in hearing the other 2 tracks!

  2. this website seems to be more Danja then Tim. Can we listen to Tim's newest songs?

  3. Which new songs? Danja's getting in on all the new CDs dropping this holiday season. Tim's not.

  4. need a few listens to feel it..

  5. this has a vintage sound to it and i like the fact that he sumhow has managed not to b predictable. can sum1 post this for download? i understand streamin the britney but c'mon lol plz.

  6. beats really good and the vocals are spot on to the beat.
    Danja is next.
    Tim WILL be back.



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