Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Man, TCC a year old!
I just wanna congratulate and thank Mr J Boogs for startin this thing off. I'm on here EVERYDAY, even if I dont get around to postin, the Chroncles is always stop #1 when it comes to Timbo news.

So here's a lil gift for J, he's a fiend when it comes to all sortsa edits. This cd single got a gang of em, i know he been witin on these so here goes....
CAN WE by SWV and Timbaland

SWV - Can We cd single

1.Radio Edit 1 4:15
2.Radio Edit 2 4:15
3.No Rap Radio 3:56
4.LP Version 4:51
5.Instrumental 4:49
6.Acapella 4:49

Produced by Timbaland


  1. Thanks so much for this! Its just as much about Missy's arrangements and Coko's performance as Timbo's production on this track though, they are fucking hot!

  2. tim said that this was his favourite beat he made

  3. to me he said (February '06) it was "Cry Me A River" :)

  4. YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Alternates!!! Rod comming through, thanks man!!

  5. Just to be anal, does anyone have artwork for this? Its non-existent on the net!


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