Friday, October 26, 2007

Big A's Video Basement - Part 1 with "Indian Flute"

Youtube was yesterday. This new section is dedicated to all the fans who love music videos and collect them. But not just TV rips in horrible quality, I am talking about rips of the original data source that all the TV outlets receive from the labels.

Since we talked in the previous post about "Indian Flute" I thought I might just share now the dvdrip of it, which is pretty hard to find. So expect now every now and then a Timbaland production that had a music video here on this site as video-download.

Sendspace Download

Zshare Download


  1. Awesome, thank you I love this song/video and it will ill look nice on the iPod!

  2. Thanx for droppin this in pure quality, loved this video from the 1st time i saw it


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