Thursday, October 25, 2007

2 more Duran Duran & Danja tracks

Not another article on Duran Duran? Yes but pay close attention to the middle of the page in the audio section. You can listen to a snippet of the Danja produced "Box Full O'Honey" and "Tempted."

****"We'd never collaborated to that level before, where all the songs are co-written on the album," Rhodes says. "It was us trying to merge our sound with the greatest pop and urban producers out there right now. It was important for all of us to get something that we were excited by again and not just something that was another one of their productions. ... Timbaland's got such a huge list under his belt already that he didn't want to make a record with Duran Duran and have it be so-so. It needed to be special. And he really made the effort to do that."

The band brought in Timbaland when the project it had been working on, a more political-minded record tentatively titled "Reportage," didn't quite have the energy the musicians wanted to capture.

"We thought we'd record a couple of new songs to try and balance it out, and we went into the studio with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake joined those sessions, too, for the first day," Rhodes says. "In that week working with Timbaland, we got three songs, which were all very different and felt so new that we were all inspired and excited by it, which for us is the goal. So we came out of there and we said, 'Let's put all that other stuff on ice for the moment, and let's continue and see if we can make a whole album like this."*****

Good to hear Danja bringing yet a whole different sound to this project as compared to say the Spears album. I definitely plan on coping this November 13th!

Thanks to April.


  1. are you using Firefox? it works for me on IE, with Quick Time... you might need that player for it to work.

    good stuff, again, by Danja. Can't wait to hear the other five tracks I haven't yet heard. I was just grooving out to Tempted the other day.... that's a fire beat.

  2. "The valley" needs to leak in full high quality. That shit is just fire.

  3. I'm debating whether to download the leak (WHEN it comes) and deprive myself of the surprise...


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