Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BossPlayya's Timstrumental of the Week

Had to come back for this one. So we all know from the article a few posts down that TIMBAlake and Jive records are doubledippin on FUTURESEX/LOVESOUNDS, here is the instrumental for the latest single.

One of my favorite songs on the album when it dropped last year. Portions of the instru take me back to Playa's Cheers 2 U, love this song...enjoy.

Justin Timbaland - UNTIL THE END OF TIME timstrumental


  1. i would pay al gore's electricity bills for your cd collection.

  2. Get in line Nick!

    Screw the CDs, I want the vinyl :)

  3. Hey J boogie!! You probably know this shit already. But if you're there, the credits for Britney's "Blackout" have leaked and you were 100% right. Danja DID produce "Hot as ice" and T-Pain only wrote it.

    I wonder why they changed the name of the song?! I think "Cold as fire" sounded better.

  4. ay props on this kidd..appreciate it

  5. Is it timbo who did cupid's song "do you dance" ?...?...?

  6. No Cupid himself produced "Do You Dance" and that comes from Cupid himself.

    and for J yeah I thought that was Danja not T Pain!

  7. Haha, I KNEW IT, thats Danja on Cold as Fire/ Hot as Ice! ^^

    Thanks for the Instrumental, but theres one thing...
    The Bells that chime in at 1:39 and later again.

    Dont I know that sound AND Melaodie from a Jay-Z Song? this Jigga what track?

  8. i liked this song better when it was "take away" off of so addictive

  9. i can hear aaliyah singing over this track. she should've been on the duet instead of beyonce. justin and aaliyah's falsetto go hand in hand.


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