Friday, December 5, 2008

Video: Chris Cornell "Part Of Me"

Thoughts? Props to Edo.


  1. i think, chriss and keri can live 2gether in a trailer, cause they don't gonna sell a single cd. What is happenin whith the timbaland artist, just like the old beat club days.

    sorry i had 2 say this,

    what y'all think?

  2. The video is not so bad. It started off a little boring but it got better over time. Overall it was cool.

  3. no this video is horrible!
    all of the jt and nelly videos were super cool! this video is really boring...
    they should have made it look more clubby...

  4. i don't get it..... i don't understand anything with the song and the video.... and method man??? dang... that was random... i really didn't see that one coming

  5. the magic just isn't there...plain and simple...

  6. To me it keeps feeling like a "FORCED" chemistry. Like they are trying as hard as they can to get something flowing between them and its just not working.

  7. this is one of the most cheapest music videos i have seen. doesnt suit the song. Some random guys sharing some lyrics, random people dancing randomly behind chris..... i was expecting the video to be more slick and techno to match the song........??


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