Thursday, December 4, 2008

Timbaland nominted for 2 Grammy's

Congratulations to Timbaland for his Grammy nominations in 2 categories:

Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals

Viva La Vida -Coldplay
Waiting In The Weeds -Eagles
Going On -Gnarls Barkley
Won't Go Home Without You -Maroon 5
Apologize -OneRepublic

Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals
(For a collaborative performance, with vocals, by artists who do not normally perform together. Singles or Tracks only.)

Lesson Learned -Alicia Keys & John Mayer
4 Minutes -Madonna, Justin Timberlake & Timbaland
Rich Woman -Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
If I Never See Your Face Again -Rihanna & Maroon 5
No Air -Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown

Unfortunately Timbo was not nominated for producer of the year rather the following were:

Danger Mouse
Attack & Release (The Black Keys)
Modern Guilt (Beck)
The Odd Couple (Gnarls Barkley)

Nigel Godrich
In Rainbows (Radiohead)
Johnny Karkazis (Johnny K)
Big Bad World (Plain White T's)
The Illusion Of Progress (Staind)
Light From Above (Black Tide)
3 Doors Down (3 Doors Down)

Rick Rubin
Death Magnetic (Metallica)
Home Before Dark (Neil Diamond)
Mercy (Dancing For The Death Of An Imaginary Enemy)
Seeing Things (Jakob Dylan)
Weezer (Red Album) (Weezer)
American Boy (Estelle Featuring Kanye West)
Encanto (Sergio Mendes)
Funky Bahia (Sergio Mendes Featuring & Siedah Garrett)
In The Ayer (Flo Rida Featuring
Pick It Up (Fergie)
Picture Perfect (Chris Brown Featuring
What's Your Name (Usher Featuring

I'm not hatin' but over Timbo?

Anyhow, tune into the 51st Grammy Award show on February 9 at 8:00PM EST. Performers and presenters will be announced very soon.


  1. And Jimmy D is nominated for "Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical"!

  2. Yeah...I'm not understanding the aim for best producer nominees. Kinda all over the place.

  3. i think it's got a classic music side to it,and what big singles did tim put out this year? i can't remember on the top of my head. oh and ain't bad at all.
    do you think tim has a chance of winning with madonna?

  4. Tims best chance would have been maybe 06 and last year.

  5. Will.I.Am??...

    Pick It Up + American Boy - GRANTED..

    But really, I'm still trying to forgive him for 'I Got It From My Momma'


  6. All the best to Tim! 4 minutes may stand a good chance. American Boy is good stuff too!


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