Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jamie Foxx confirms "Street Walker" for his new album

Check the interview:

"International hit", would you agree with that?


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  2. not gonna sell... didnt even know he was comin with an album let alone a single... just heard it on dj freestyle steve's myspace and that's it

  3. Yep one of the hottest tracks. Rocking tune! Love the beat/melody. Great work from Tim & JRoc.

    Perhaps Tim has been using JRoc for his ability to conjure up a rock style beat. This would have been good for Chris Cornell's album but Jamie Foxx did a great job. Ofcourse not forgetting Jim Beanz.

  4. I co-sign on that "....good for Cornell'a album" comment.

  5. All Timbaland's stuff should now say Produced by JROC(Or whoever he has produce his stuff for him)/ Co-producer- Timbaland. I hope people can see that his style switches up everytime he changes his "second in command" producers who basically add 95% of their style while Tim adds 5%, his name and sometimes drumbeat. I don't even think Ginuwine's stuff will be as good as last time because Tim is not the "Superfriends" Tim,
    the one who wanted to challenge music; he is now "Corporate" Tim; factoring up beats in warehouses by employees and stamping his name.
    So low you have fallen.....

  6. Chris agree somewhat to what you are saying we will see what happens i like the song.

  7. Ur being some what harsh on Tim. There are no facts to prove it because ur simply not there! So how can you judge??

    He's more known to be a beat maker and drum beats are a big factor to any hit record. It's never as easy as you like to claim making a record or playing the drums. Real producers would know that and they foresee Tim as their role model. I know that Danja, JRoc among others with their melodies have played a significant part to his work but u underestimate how much Tim has contributed. He may not necessarily be hands on every part of the production but a producer can also be one who looks on and makes a critical analysis of someone's work like he did/does with Danja.

    Everyone in the game right now see Tim as being a genius. Now that's a fact! You should actually watch/read what artists and producers say about Tim. It might get you to think more and not jump to conclusions.

  8. I'm gonna add my 2 cents to this blog and say this.. Street Walker is a song that has a 80's sound with a mix of "Sexyback" remember how people killed Tim for making this track shit I did to and i'm his dj but we all see what that sound did to music IT CHANGED IT so let's give the record a chance and if you are a true Timbaland fan you will...

    Dj Freestyle Steve


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