Monday, December 15, 2008

Music Video: Chris Cornell "Scream"

5 Singles, 3 videos and we still have 2 months to go until the album release. Hmm...


  1. wow! at first wen i saw the car i was like "LAMEEE". At the beginning the effects are so wack!

    But when you get to the part when he's at the museum... OMG!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    That truly was a beatiful video i loved it... :)
    and i love how tim pops up in thes videos :DDD

  2. I like the video. wonderful visuals.

  3. Sweet Video, I like the effects at the end in the museum; that's when the video comes together. Much better than the other video. Still think his album should have been heavy on the rock.

  4. Bubba sparxx and tim that was magic,

    between them is no magic. But the video is not that bad.

  5. As I already said in a previous post: the magic just isn't there, sorry. I think that's a prime example of industry bullshit. I bet Jimmy Iovine was like ok let's put him in the studio with Tim and his gang of co-producers and we gonna sell a couple million units. NOPE! This song will also not chart, let's bet...

  6. You're right about the chords...thats what happens when you cant play the piano at a good standard making use of minor and majors...

    Like 'Darkchild' has the timbo vibe on his he knows the keys. Timbo still the king tho :)

  7. Kevin Cossom

  8. I like this song, and I likes the video. Very artistic.

  9. @Fellomen
    who shitted in your brain?


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