Monday, December 1, 2008

Jamie Foxx "Bitch I"

Freestyle Steve has laced us yet again with another Timbaland exclusive. The track comes from Jamie Foxx titled "Bitch I." It sounds familiar doesn't it? Yes of course it does; it's the same track that leaked a few weeks back titled "Nothin' From Ya." Sadly the track leaked literally a week after we reported that the two were working together. Really, how the hell does that happen? Regardless the track has been bangin' since I first heard it!

Anyhow, we all assumed the track was for Jamie Foxx's forthcoming Intuition album but look very carefully. Freestyle has the track not only labeled with a different name but it looks to be yet another track from Timbo's upcoming Shock Value II. So the question is will this track along with other leaked tracks, [T-Pain & Missy's "Talk That", Brandy's "Drum Life"] really make the final cut or are these just teaser tracks until the real project is released? Time will tell.

You should notice something else about the version Freestyle posted but I'll let you all figure that out.

Now of course why doesn't it surprise me that when Timbo goes in to create a hot record he calls on the illest vocal producer/writer in the game, my dude Jim Beanz. Hear the "give it to me" throughout the track. Remember it, you've heard it before and you'll hear it again.

Shock Value II is on it's way!


  1. Ive bin bangin this track for the last 2 weeks. Its a unique , classic & original track. Jamie with that old school R&B sound ..Timbo with the drums & groove. The lyrics are smart & well organised. 5 Stars.


  2. That's my favorite Tim track of 08, so far!!
    It really has the classic Timbo feel and is has funk!!
    Can't wait until Shock Value II, I want it now!! :p

  3. does anybody know who is the artist of the "drop" on DJ Freestyle Steve's myspace?

  4. ^ that's Rich Boy featuring Polow Da Don, produced by Cha-Lo.. banger

  5. Thanks roo!

    damn... Cha-Lo killed this beat.

    p.s. This Timbaland beat is great too.

  6. ^ No problem man.. here's a link if you need it:

  7. @Zo Mathew
    I couldn't agree more. I don't like the direction Jamie is going with his album. That track with Lil Wayne produced by Just Blaze is pure trash.

    It seems like you are a frequent visitor of this blog. So why you posting download links here??

  8. Its a nice laid-back track frm Tim. Sounds a bit like Lovestoned. But its allright.

  9. it's funny how all of you are taking away so much from this song... for me, it places on the same level as "Drum Life", but not as high as "Who's the Loser Now?" or "I'm A Believer"... something is missing

    if this is the direction of Shock Value II (hopefully not the REAL album title), then I'm disappointed. where's the surprise? hopefully, it's forthcoming.

  10. Personally, I think it's just an ok-track. It has a good vibe. But yeah, its missing something.


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