Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Timbaland's wedding photos

Some beautiful pictures have recently been posted from Timbaland's wedding along with some commentary from staff writer Grace Ormonde:

Two weeks before their Aruba destination wedding, Monique Idlett and Tim Mosley were legally married on Virginia Beach—in sweatpants. "That would have been enough for me," Monique avows. That is, until she experienced the amazing island wedding Tim arranged.

"He wanted me to feel like a princess," Monique says of Tim's decision to plan the five-day affair with a committee's help, but minimal input from his bride. It wasn't the first time the music producer and recording artist, better known as Timbaland, had surprised his long-time girlfriend.

They met in 2001 while visiting Jamaica for work, and Monique, now president of Mosley Music Group, realized immediately that Tim "was going to be in my life forever. At our wedding," she says, Tim told guests that "when he saw me, he knew I was going to be his wife." Their long-distance friendship and on-and-off relationship turned serious when "we both put each other first," Monique says. "It was a decision that we both finally made."

Still, she was caught off-guard when "he proposed at our baby shower" in November of 2007. "I cried so heavily that my family reminded me that I was in front of people," says Monique, who cherishes a transcript of Tim's "beautiful proposal."

About 400 guests arrived Thursday and a welcome party was held Friday at the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino, where everyone but the couple stayed. On Saturday, "we had a rehearsal breakfast," then took over a bowling alley, says Monique, who treasured this break from their workaholic lifestyles. "It was nice not to be worried about anything except what was happening," she says.

Boats ferried guests to the resort's private Renaissance Island for Sunday's 6 p.m. Christian service. As Pastor Vernell Dreuitt, who also officiated their Virginia ceremony, "was explaining marriage and what it means, I looked at my husband, and he looked at me: It was a very profound moment," remembers Monique, who remained composed, even as they exchanged deeply personal promises. "I was practicing not to cry. I didn't want to have an episode like at my baby shower," she says.

The reception featured a "beautiful display of food," and the fireworks were "unlike any I had seen before," Monique says. After dinner, "Tim got on the stage. He performed, and I danced, then we danced together." The party continued for two hours after the newlyweds departed at 1 a.m.

Guests reunited for dinner Monday before Tuesday's farewells. "We were so happy that everyone was able to have a good time. We're both family people," Monique says. Daughter, Reign, and sons Demetrius, who escorted Monique, and Frankie, the ring bearer, accompanied them on a post-wedding, south of France vacation.

Although it isn't always easy, "we pretty much travel together always," Monique says. And while she's grateful that Tim "truly gave me a fairytale wedding," she's quick to emphasize: "What's important to us is what we do for the rest of our life—to make sure that we love each other the right way." Tim is "a genuine, real person," she says. "You get what you see and I love that about him. And I love how much he loves me."

Congratulations once again to the very happy couple!!


  1. That is most definitely......WHAT's UP

  2. i like the pic where tim's dancing with monique and he's got his hand out

  3. Man that's whats up. Congrads to the both of them...


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