Friday, December 5, 2008

Melrose "Ever" Vs. Atozzio Towns "Hurts So Good"

As the demand for a Danja beat increases so do the alternate versions of the same beat. We've shown you a few already and now we have yet another. You all remember the Danja produced "Ever" by the girl trio Melrose right?

Melrose "Ever"

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Definitely a hot track, especially the vocals. Well The Chronicles has stumbled on another track with the same Danja beat but with an entirely different name and singer. Atozzio Towns (whose written for Ray J, Jesse McCartney, New Kids On The Block, and wrote Mario's banger Kryptonite") decided he too liked the beat or perhaps laid down the vocals as a reference for another artist. Whatever the case here is his take on Danja's banger titled "Hurts So Good":

Atozzio Towns "Hurts So Good"

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So who you feelin' the most?

Props to The Keepers.


  1. I like both of them but Atozzio Towns holds it down, some more new talent I hope I here more from him in future.

    Danja is such an underused producerI think Keri should have had some more danja tracks on her album.

  2. I'm feelin the Melrose version. Danja is a beast.

  3. It sounds better with a Ladies vocals..


    I don't like Atozzio that much... idk why. And, I didn't like how he brought the vocals in after the song had started. He's not ready for a Danja beat.

    Good thing this one went to Melrose.

  5. actually now i realize... both versions are the shite

  6. The Pad Chord remind me of to MJ thriller, do you think :-)


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