Friday, December 5, 2008

Timbaland gets sampled (Part 4)

Greece's entry for this year's Eurovision contest sounded a little familiar, doesn't it?

Did they get clearance? Ha!

Props to J Edwards!


  1. I will say they did the damn thing. Hahaha. Timbaland has officially been sampled and the person who sampled him did the damn thing... Song is tight!!!

  2. i love the way they used the offset part of the pattern.. when i listened to give it to me, for some reason i always used to fall into it instead of hearing the regular thing. um iunno how to explain it.. it's like u could hear the song normally and then u could hear it slightly offbeat. I wonder if they planned that or if it's just a coincidence or something.

  3. her voice is grating but she does check some boxes aesthetically.

    J, European artists love to 'sample' Tim, here's a few you may or may not be aware of. note: despite the jacking, they're actually great songs.

    Zaho - La Roue Tourne

    Zaho - Dima

    Monrose - Strictly Physical

    enjoy, haha.

  4. yeah i remember this from a minute ago... but damn thanks for the reminder how they jacked it from the way I are

  5. whoa how old is this man!!! was a runner up werent it. I saw this and i immediately thought 'give it to me' beat. I actually like the beat at the start but when she starts singing it goes down hill.......

  6. I like this song, she's also hot.. why am i the first to mention it lol?

  7. cuz we're all too "n 2 da music" to care about how the women look.

  8. @FUEGO

    Holy Sh*t!!! These guys are not playin around when it comes to sampling. Timbo should sue them..

  9. that was freakin hot. wow, tim getting sampled? now THATs big =]

  10. I'm almost positive that they DID get sued because the best was so similar previously, it was essentially the same song. They finally editted it into this, and voila; no more lawsuit. She sure is cute though. I'm not gonna even try to pronounce her name though...

  11. DAMN when i heard the song i got the "sample" from the first bar but i dont know why i did not think that it was worth mentioning... sry J :P
    i think that it is more than obvious ..

    Greek "Pop Producers" (that sounds like a joke to me ) steal ALL THE FREAKING TIME take for example this one this guy is a Pop singer that did this .."hip hop" song . its a shame actually . the local music industry is dead and the recycle-steal the same shit all the time

    btw im greek

  12. Freakin Greek song. I have to admit it is a smooth steal...

  13. they are not sampling
    they are recreating and interpolating


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