Wednesday, December 17, 2008

T-Pain Demo for Missy Elliott

Despite the slow news in the Missy Elliott world, head over to our friends at Missy Watch and listen to the demo T-Pain and an unnamed MC did for Missy. Track is HOT! Sadly though it's not produced by Timbo but it's definitely the best would be Missy track I've heard in a long time.

Let's hope it makes the final cut for Block Party!


  1. Sounds like a T-Pain Beat to me.
    Drums are too weak for a Tim production.

  2. i wonder if u guys heard the new ( or old) justin timberlake ft TI prod by timbo called if i

  3. Produced by Hit-Boy

  4. Ah! Thanks for clearing that up Cashe. I thought it might be him but I couldn't exactly tell by the voice towards the beginning.

    Track is bananas, should make Timbo work harder, damn.

  5. Thats a Hit-boy track.

    Mos Def.

    second time Hit-boys work got on this blog...

    After the chris brown BET Awards interlude...

  6. @Chase N. Cashe
    Just curious. is DJ also manging you and Hit-Boy?

  7. Damn, I just caught myself posting something non-topic related. the next round beer goes on far as this song: sounds pretty hot!

  8. New Busta track leaked: "Freakin You" feat Missy Elliot and NeYo produced by Danja. Def sounds like Danja beat.

  9. This is alright to me. The drums seem to be the main feature. I just it was more melodic.

    Also, I kind of wanted to hear Chase on the drums too, especially cause I like his drum work.

    But T delivers like always. He has yet to disappoint.

  10. I was just about to hit FutureProducers to ask Chase if that was HitBoy when I heard the tag at the beginning but the vocal wasn't real clear ... the beat is bangin & T-Pain did his thing ... whoever did the reference did a good imitation, but I think these reference tracks really need to stop leaking cause somebody like Missy, you don't really want all the fans knowing that she's not writing everything


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