Monday, December 15, 2008

Billy Corgan disses Timbaland?

Billy Corgan, lead singer for the Smashing Pumpkins, has thrown in his 2 cents on the current troubles in music, blaming iTunes for the demise of the album format. "There is no point. People don't even listen to it all. They put it on their iPod, they drag over the two singles and skip over the rest" Corgan said. In fact Corgan has no plans on releasing any more albums, period. "The listening patterns have changed, so why are we killing ourselves to do albums, to create balance and do the arty track to set up the single? It's done."

Ok so he doesn't like iTunes and he doesn't want to release anymore albums, fair enough but then he takes it a step further making an out of the blue comment about working with Timbaland: "We will crack the egg like we did in ‘92, without doing something embarrassing like working with Timbaland."

Does Mr. Corgan have a valid point, what do you think?

Props to Shaun on the find


  1. I «understand» his frustration. Everybody in the industry who has flopping sales go to the easy solution : Timbaland.
    So for me, what he's trying to say, is that «I'm not selling as well as in the the past, but i'm not going to work with the man with the Midas Touch»

    So i don't see it as a dissing toward Tim (he didn't questioned his musical abilities) but more of a "declaration of self-dependance"

    For example : New Kids On The Block, Madonna, Ashlee Simpson, PCD etc... are artists who keep their successes by following the new trend : working with Tim (or alike : Danja, Polow, etc..).

  2. I agree with Kevin AHUNDRED%!!!
    hahah took da words out my mouth!

  3. I feel like he may be dissing Chris Cornell moreso than Timbaland.

  4. i agree. this is more of a cornell diss.

  5. @Kevin...Like I said when I found this article. I understand wht he's saying, but the way in which he said it was wrong & cocky. If he had respect for Timbo he would hve clarified wht he said but he does give f*%k thts why I ws pissed.


  6. Yeh Timbaland now sort of examplifies the problem with pop music, commercialism. That the reason why there is so much bad pop music is that everybody just follows the 'tried and true' formula in order to sell.

  7. It's not that Timbo isn't still great n' all (that's why we're here), but I get what Billy is saying. He put it rudely, but sadly he has a point. People go to Timbaland want him to save their career, bring them up to trend, and give them a hit single without any work. And because that worked for a couple of people, EVERYONE rushes to Tim. I think that's a bad look for Timbaland and the "artists" "working" with him.

  8. No offense to J Roc, I just kind of feel his part take with Timbaland has been the cause of all the recent generic stream of sound from Timbaland.

    But, I agree with Corgan. People think Timbaland is the "fix". Which in a way, he is. It isn't his fault though. People just want Tim's talent.

    You see how no one is taking shots at Justin or Nelly. Because they believed in Tim before his brand name has become saturated.

    This is more of a shot toward Cornell.

    But in Cornell's defense, what is wrong with being different? And like Corgan said, people just by singles from iTunes, and leave it at that. But Timbaland is tired of that, that is why he wanted to make a full project with Cornell. He wanted every song to transition into another, so just buying one will feel incomplete. So I kind of feel as if Corgan is standing up for something, but attacking what he stands up for in a way.

    This is why some people should really think about what they say to make sure contradictions aren't made.

    But... besides... in order to draw some attention and publicity, why not take a shot at one of the best, and most international producers?

    He got a post on this site, so guess who is winning?

    But hey, can you say:


    3 times in a row? Betcha cant.

  9. Venture I'm feeling you with the fact that this is more a shot at Cornell, cause they're both alternative rock singers and have been critically acclaimed with their groups : The Smashing Pumpkins for Corgan and Audioslave/Soundgarden for Cornell.

    But for the Jroc or Tim's fault i don't agree. In the industry there are always «cycles» were one or a group of producers dominate the pop charts with their sound, think : late 80's-90's : Teddy Riley (who produced MJ album), 90's : Diddy, Poke&Tone, late 90's-00's : The Neptunes, Rodney Jerkins, 06-now : Timbaland.

    And at each time,those producers have followed the same path : find an innovative sound and then keep it !so people have criticized them for keeping the same formula (for example : It doesn't take more than 10 sec. to determine if a track is produced by The Neptunes).
    Now Tim have done pretty much the same thing, he «founded» that new sound with the Justin and Nelly's albums. And now he keeps it...

    To be always respected, he gotta change that sound like he did before (the indian sounding of Big Pimpin, the drum-heavy prod. of Missy, the abstracts sound effects of Jay's Dirty off your shoulder). I think that's why he's trying to do by working with different co-producers: first Danja then Hannon Lane,Jroc etc... But he's yet to find it :)

    P.S: @Shaun, I don't think that Corgan was searching for some publicity. Remmember that he's also a big name in rock music (just like Oasis dissed Jay. They were not searching for pub.)

  10. Also Jay-Z too refused "American Gangster" to be sold by singles on iTunes by stating : "as movies are not sold scene by scene, this collection will not be sold as individual singles."

  11. i'm glad Tim's fans weren't reactionary with this.
    this didn't feel directed at Tim for me. he was just using his name, his status in pop, as an example of the music industry.

  12. I think "rock" (I'm using that term loosely) in general don't respect Timbaland, just going off the comments they've made lol ... and that's definitely a diss to both Timbaland and the artists, its dissing the artist by saying they've lost their credibility, and its dissing Timbaland by saying working with him takes away an artists credibility

  13. whatev... tim still doing what he loves... remember when he said he was gonna retire??? what happened?

  14. Cosign i'm glad he didn't retire he loves making music.

  15. blame it on computers. (man im good)

  16. all great points....long gone are the days of making an "artist" based album and good A&R' seems as if most labels these days are looking for the producer (wether it be Timbo/Polow/whoever) to save an album...i feel it was a shot the Cornell/Duran Duran collabo's...but at the same time its good to see artist's looking to change music and perusue other sounds...everything has cycles, totally agree with kevin


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