Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rumor Alert: Shock Value II release date and tracklist

The following is a fake article that is currently making the rounds on the internet. There's no mention of it on MTV or any major media outlet and with a story as big as this, you'd think it would be everywhere. As soon as The Chronicles knows the real story on Shock Value II, you all will be the first to know!

Timbaland has revealed that his new album, the follow-up to 2007’s ‘Shock Value’, will be hitting stores on February 14th. The album features 20 brand-new tracks including the new single ‘Meltdown’ that features guest vocals from Gwen Stefani and Justin Timberlake and will be impacting on radio from January 5th.

MTV.com was given an exclusive first listen of 5 of the album’s tracks, including the new single, and revealed it’s some of the producers ‘best work’.

‘Meltdown’ – the first single from the album, featuring guest vocals from Gwen Stefani and old-time collaborator Justin Timberlake is a typical Timbaland club-stomper, with thumping chorus in which Justin and Gwen invite one another to ‘melt down; all the way’.

‘That’s The Way’ – featuring Usher and Keri Hilson on vocals, this throwback track samples the classic KC and the Sunshine band track, ‘That’s The Way I Like It’ but with a sultry new twist reminiscent of Usher’s own ‘Love In This Club’ single.

‘Dumb’ – the rockiest of the tracks, featuring the group of the moment, the Jonas Brothers. Beginning as seemingly regular teenage, High School Musical-esque song, it soon breaks out into a crazy whirl-of-a-track that is about an unnecessary break-up.

‘Accross The Sky’ – a leftover track from Madonna’s ‘Hard Candy’ album, which Timbaland produced many tracks for. However, this version has been completely reworked from the original leaked clip that has appeared online. Now a much darker track similar to the ‘Hard Candy’ track, Voices. With guest vocals from Justin Timberlake (again) and a brief appearance from the lady herself, Madonna, this song is longest of the tracks, clocking in at over 7 minutes!

‘Underground’ – this one is definitely our favourite. Featuring a heavy sample of the classic dance track ‘Sandstorm’ by Darude, this is unlike anything Timbaland has done before. With incredible quest vocals from Rihanna, this song is one to watch out for. It has to be a single!

Othe guests on the album include T-Pain, Akon, Linkin Park, Jordin Sparks, T.I. and Coolio.

The full tracklisting is below. Be sure to check out the video for ‘Meltdown’ when it premieres on MTV.com in January!

1. Meltdown (featuring Gwen Stefani and Justin Timberlake)
2. That’s The Way (featuring Keri Hilson and Usher)
3. ‘Til I Say So (featuring Akon)
4. Act Right (featuring T-Pain and Tim Dog)
5. Dumb (featuring Jonas Brothers)
6. Still Standing (featuring Linkin Park)
7. Accross The Sky (featuring Justin Timberlake and Madonna)
8. Rain (featuring Jordin Sparks)
9. Don’t Hurt ‘Em (featuring T.I.)
10. Underground (featuring Rihanna)
11. Why U Still Calling? (Miscommunication Part II) (featuring Keri Hilson and Sebastian)
12. Click Clack (featuring Dr. Dre and Missy Elliott)
13. Talk (featuring T-Pain and Missy Elliott)
14. Cruel (featuring Coolio)
15. Head 2 Toe (featuring Jay-Z)
16. Aruba (featuring Sebastian)
17. From Dusk ‘Til Dawn (featuring Tim Dog, Flo-Rida and Attitude)
18. Pick Up (Boardmeeting Part II) (featuring Magoo)
19. Baby (featuring Keri Hilson)
20. Love Song (featuring Justin Timberlake)


  1. There's no such thing as too much Justin Timberlake.

  2. Too much Justin? Three out of twenty songs isn't that much. I want Nelly Furtado! Even if this is fake, it sounds mouth-watering to me, aside from no Nelly Furtado. :)

  3. Whatever it is CAN'T WAIT FOR SHOCK VALUE 2!!!!

  4. Ughhhh this is such a tease!! Sounds like a good album [even though this is probably a fake]. Can't wait for Shock Value II and for more MISSY ;)

  5. SHOCK VALUE 2222222222222!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!! lool umm where be NF? I NEED NELLY FURTADO!!! AHHH!! and more missy :) who is Coolio and Tim Dog?

  6. Fake or no, why would someone go through so much effort to make an article AND a tracklist?

    I mean, I sort of feel convinced as the titles do look somewhat right and a few of those tracks there are real....

    I don't know either way, the album is gonna be FIRE.

  7. I'll be disappointed if Danja doesn't produce any of the tracks on this album. No comment on the track list, or the fact that Timbaland's not on any of the tracks by himself.

  8. Although some of the songs sound interesting, I'm not feeling the guest list. We all want Gwen, Keri, and Missy, and I don't mind T-Pain and Justin, but Tim isn't doing anything outside of his comfort zone. We don't know if this is real, but I would certainly love for him to work with some more out of the box artists - Utada(!), Bjork, MIA, and there's like a million other bands that would've made crazy music with Tim. I wish he'd think about art, rather than the whats 'in' right now. The whole project (and his work recently) just reeks of commercial. Sorry for rambling, errbody!

  9. Out of the box artist, and foreign artist are two completely different different things. You seem to be conforming the two, Jordan.

    How do you know he hasn't produced "out of his box"? You've heard the track, right?

  10. Wheres "Crowd Control"?!?!?!?!?!
    i wanna hear that soooo badly!

    wheres nelly???

  11. im not entirely convinced about this, sounds fishy. JT on 3 tracks and keri on 3? no i thought timbo wanted to work with relatively unknown ppl not the same old ppl.

  12. I hate this list, where is Stevie Brock?

  13. I'm not combining any two completely different adjectives, Venture. I just think that working with collaborators who are out of there for Timbaland (Jordin Sparks; O RLY?) would push him to create something different. It seems a little like he's producing a track, and then drawing cards, filling in the guest list. And your right, the songs may sound unlike anything Tim or these artists have ever done. I dunno. Have I talked myself into corner?

  14. And yes, he's worked with MIA, Utada, and Bjork all before, and IMO, that's some of his best work, because it's different: They took an active role in the production, writing, and conception.

  15. http://chriscornelldreams.blogspot.com/

  16. I hope he works with Wayne,TI,Jay-Z,Beyonce,Chris Brown,Usher artists like that and solo production on each one I doubt it.


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