Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kevin Cossom Pre-Album

Danja's new artist, Kevin Cossom, has dropped his highly anticipated "album" Pre-Album which you can download here for free. Here's the tracklisting again just in case you forgot it:

1. Intro
2. "Late Night" (Produced by Frank E)
3. "My Ex" feat. Rick Ross (Produced by Danja)
4. Interview
5. "You Know What You Doin" (Produced by Danja)
6. "Hang That Over My Head" (Produced by Danja)
7. Interview8. "Compatible" (Produced by The Runners)

The unheard Danja track is "My Ex", what do you think?


  1. no wonder why they never leaked "My Ex"... its horrible!
    Well not horrible, it just sounds to me like it's unprofessional.
    The other ones are hot. Especially "U kno wat u doin"...

  2. "My Ex" sounds a bit confusing..too much goin on. But love the rest of the tracks!

  3. Yeah, these are nothing special. I don't really know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this.

  4. after a while " my ex" started 2 grown on me. But nothin special

  5. "Hang That Over My Head" (Produced by Danja) Amazing track. Im blown away..

  6. my ex is the shit.. and those of you interested in alternates should have a listen to "You Know What You Doin" again... Danja added a few sounds and shit. he always overdoes it, gosh


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