Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ginuwine finishes new album

Check the new message from Ginuwine via his myspace:

Hey Guys!!! I've just completed my album and I am proud to say that I've been very lucky to work with some amazing writers and producers!!!! Some of the people that I worked with were Jonta Austin, Brian Michael Cox,Adonis, Oak, The Clutch, And the Man that I started Out with... TIMBALAND!!!!! I'm going to be picking my single within two or three weeks to be released in January2009!!!!

The Chronicles can also tell you exclusivley to be on the lookout for the Timbaland produced, Jim Beanz vocal produced "Hate To Love Ya" off the album. Can't wait to hear what they came up with!


  1. the same producers and writers on eeeeeeeeevery project, god damn, it gets kinda boring...

  2. i will believe it when i see it. in this case "hear" it.

    i always favoured G over usher but lately G has come out with pure crap after the "The life" album ie his 3rd one which was a banger in itself.

    he is very talented and can produce great music without tim

  3. where'd you hear about that track with beanz and timbaland?

  4. @Buddha
    he knows ppl that kick it wit Tim probably...

  5. it's funny how people come to the chronic(les) expecting to get exclusive Timbaland information, and then bother asking their sources. THIS IS A SOURCE, MAN!

  6. He can make good music without tim, but his music with tim is great,memorable,classic etc,etc

  7. @ Frederick

    Boog knows his Ginuwine source is me...I have a few snippets that will be on G's new album already ( know I'm kidding about the source part Boog, I'm just curious).

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I dunno, something tells me I'll just be disappointed in the end :/


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