Monday, December 22, 2008

Aaliyah Biopic in 2009?

I should probably file this under Word Is since it hasn't been 100% confirmed but it seems the long overdue Aaliyah biopic will be coming mid 2009. The movie will chronicle the life of Aaliyah throughout her life until her untimely death in 2001.

And just who will be playing Aaliyah?

R&B singer Keisha Chante that's who. Chante has signed on to the movie with shooting starting in August. Chante has worked with both The Clutch and Danja on her album 2U released in 2006.

Let's hope a soundtrack with unreleased Aaliyah/Timbaland tracks also comes out with the movie. Stay tuned for more details!

Props to Hammer on the news.


  1. Not trying to stir up any controversy but can they really make an entire movie based on Aaliyah's life? I mean if she was in Devante's Bassment crew then sure...but she wasn't.

    I can't wait though

  2. IDK about that chick right there...She looks nothing like Aaliyah IMO Miya Granatella check her out Looks exactly like Aaliyah. Chante looks like a younger version.....IDK About this.....

  3. i think she looks kinda like her at certain angles...

  4. Miya get your slutty ass out of here your ugly ass looks nothing like Babygirl, and Aaliyah didnt carry herself like a total slut like you are.


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