Friday, December 19, 2008

Britney Spears "Rock Boy" produced by Danja

In addition to the album and the deluxe version of Britney Spears' Circus, there's almost an entire album worth of bonus tracks that have been popping up on the various different releases of the album. Case in point, the German bonus track off Circus titled "Rock Boy" turns out to be a Danja track. Here take a listen:

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The track was written by Tina Parol who confirmed the Danja production via her myspace blog:

So I had the amazing opportunity of working with the very talented Danja and Ms. Britney Spears on her new album "Circus"! My song, titled "Rock Boy" is a b-side on the check it out on Itunes Europe or on Youtube!



So are we thinking Danja used a rock sample or live instruments? Either way, track is pretty dope and is a perfect example of Danja's versatility.

Props to Виктор!


  1. Danja's not foolin' me with this rock stuff... by doing a rock song he ends up leaving behind what's pretty much made him: the synths.

    Now, if he could do a Simple Plan-esque song, except one in which the electronic sounds don't fade when the chorus strikes, I'd appreciate what Danja's doing. How does such a superb electronic artist become so average when pressed with the task of making a rock beat?

  2. I bet he used an original song, keep the guitar riffs and just replace the drums and switch it up a bit. :)

  3. oh my...definitely somethin i would expect from an indie group lol

  4. I think that I like this song some more now. I really appreciate that Danja does what he's interested in. And once again, the vocal production is top notch.

  5. Danja should know his limits, though. If people WANT a rock record, they'll most likely go to Max Martin before they tap on Danja's door.

    Danja could flip the script from pop to rock like Martin did, but he needs more time. MUCH more time.

  6. this sounds so much to me like a sample from timbalands throw it on me feat the hives...anyway, its been produced by his protegé. the vocal production is just too sweet and makes this song to really rock hard...i like the song

  7. Props to Danja bringin rock back to pop. The drums could be a loop. The guitars could be palyed by a live guitar palyer or he just found those riffs on another sample cd

  8. Truth is Danja's Rock tracks with the exception of the Simple Plan & Duran Duran stuff is really just Rock music with none of his pop gimmicks. Because at heart he's still a musician, and those songs are definitely more Lyric driven, and not always easily recognized to be Danja, but I think he knows what he's doin with it, Though, with Rock Boy, I don't really feel like it's a pop song trying to be a rock song, it more like a pop song, that has subject matter that needs to have the music to back it up... because melodically the chorus sounds very "Danja"

  9. Sound's exactly like Cornell's "GROUND ZERO".........


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