Monday, December 1, 2008

In A Perfect World... tracklisting

Though HMV has not given Keri Hilson's album an official release date they have compiled a tracklisting for the project:

1. Energy
2. Mic Check-Feat. Akon
3. Turnin' Me On-Feat. Lil Wayne
4. Return The Favour-Feat. Timbaland
5. Get It Girl
6. Where Did He Go
7. Do It To Me Radio
8. Slow Dance
9. Alienated
10. Shake It Like A Dog-Feat. R Kelly
11. Love Ya
12. Intuition
13. Hurts Me
14. How Does It Feel?
15. Tell Him The Truth

There is no confirmation on the tracklisting but with all the interviews and articles Keri has done as of late this could very well be the real deal. Then again with all the continual push backs, the album could still be in the process of being finalized. Stay tuned!


  1. ....hmmmm....your covers blown!!! gah! i cannot ask for that song enough!! :@

  2. I hope that's not correct because 10 out of those 15 songs have leaked so if she wants to push some units then I don't think this tracklisting is going to do it for her.

  3. Shit J, I'd love to believe it but I think they might have copied that from the one I did on the wiki page for the album! Serious, it was in the exact same order, I didn't number it, but its the same with numbers! Surely they wouldn't just copy from wikipedia?!

  4. I wish her success. She deserves it. Amazing musician.


  5. @ Romain: Your Covers Blown (has another name but i forgot it haha) was originally recorded for shock value but to mee the beat is so damn hot and sexy and like perfect we heard it in a video they were doing as a promo for shock value :) its only like 1:06 tho hears a video someone didd :)

  6. 'your covers blown' propably has another name

  7. your covers blown was meant to be on the first shock value in 2007.. i'll be suprised if it makes the album.. though id like it to, it was undeniably a dope joint!!

  8. ...also WHY is ''shake it like a dawg'' gonna be on there!!! i hope that's not true!

  9. I really liked come clean should have beem on the album, I don't know why she on this shake it like a dog shit!!! I am glad that mic check is on there, love ya was a banger. I wanna here the remaining tracks, I still think slow dance should have been her definitive track man, its a shame it leaked that's the track that could have been her "One in a million" from the timbaland camp.

  10. quicksand??? =[
    aka where the hell's the JT collab? the danja production? man...


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