Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brandy "Drum Life" (CDQ)

Major props goes to Freestyle Steve for continuing to feed the Timbo stan's hunger for new tracks. He's just posted the final version for Brandy's "Drum Life". Check it out on Freestyle's myspace page.

As you all know the track is written by James Fauntleroy who also wrote the unheard Brandy/Timbaland track "Home." Be on the lookout for "Drum Life" to be a part of Shock Value II.


  1. i love all the addition made. the drums KNOCK

  2. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    This sounds better except one part!

    The part where James was back shadowing Brandy saying "now you... dance... back to" or something around 1:45.


    Please bring that back Tim.

    This is great now though. This has single potential, but the video has to be top notch and dance driven with huge effects.


    Venture out.

  3. By hearing this, and considering this as one of the latest Timbo production (not unfinished stuff), I think we gotta admit that Tim is ahead of our time !

    First, actually this one sound like nothin' out right now.No producer (The Neptunes, Dr Dre, The Runners, Polow, Rob Knox, Darkchild etc..)give a «space sounding» track like this one.

    Second, it showcase Tim ability to create somethin' new with his different co-producers either it's Danja, Hannon, JRoc or even alone , he knows how to put out a standout track. Each time he came with somethin' groundbreaking : for example 98's=Big Pimpin, 03's=Missy, 06=Justin/Nelly, 08=Brandy and many more to come

    Long life Tim !

  4. Kevin, is this spacey enough?

    I wonder, if I was a famous producer, would Tim sign me for protege?

    Probably not.

    By the way, Buddha, does the drums hit harder than the original? Or are they just a little less muddy with more bottom? I don't turn on the HS80Ms at night.

  5. Love this. The snare really knocks hard and production wise is different, unlike Tim or Danja. Wat I really love is the vocal arrangement. Jim Beanz???

    Would love to hear Tim do some rap in there.

  6. Venture,
    Yes the beat is good, no doubt. It has that «Timbaland-feel».
    But i can't tell u if Tim would sign u or not,at least i'm pretty sure that if u come with somethin' innovative and different, it will make the difference.

    So keep working !
    P.S : Tim is not the only super-producer you should look at. He's good on his field but there is many other producers who are great too (i.e Dr Luke, Guy Sigworth, The Neptunes, Dr Dre, Rick Rubin) If you can be under the wing of that kind of producer, you gonna go far.

    So you gotta keep searching for that distinctive sound that set you apart. For example, The Neptunes was not the protégés of a producer (Teddy Riley was more of a mentor) but they did well. Same case with Dr Dre, Pete Rock or DJ Premier (my all time favorite ;) )

  7. It sound like Brandy did her own vocal arrangements on this one

  8. @ Venture: it sounds like tim redid the drums..not sure though

  9. aww i also liked James part =(((

  10. Thank You Guy/Girls for the comments keep them coming trust me i'm always reading them to see what you the fan's have to say.. Note i always tell Tim what ya'll are saying..

    Dj Freestyle Steve

  11. to what i've heard up to now in my opinion shock value 2 won't be as good as number 1. the songz are kinda weak.

  12. Such a nice track, it can make you dance. But still has that relax sound.
    Maybe its missin some male vocals, like the previous version with james F.

    Maybe something for the remix section ;-)

  13. yes props for this even though i liked the james's part.

  14. i kno its annoying... but can someone plz post a link. or send it to my e-mail...
    lol i tried to learn how to rip music and it didnt work out for me.
    so if u guys do this it would be greatly appreciated!

  15. ive been crazed with this song ever since it got leaked or whatever! its a good song and its one of those songs you just love to jam to i like the intro on this one the little bridge needs a little bit more work but this is one of my favorite songs right now!! SHOCK VALUE 2!!!!! WOOO!!!! 4.5/5! :)

  16. 4get it i found it hahaha!

  17. the links gonna get deleted soon

  18. Oi Dj Freestyle Steve in the studio!

    Yo DJFS, do you know why they took out James's vocals? Especially on that part I mentioned? Every time that part came on, I swear I sung along. lol

    Errr ummm....

    Oh yah DJ Freestyle Steve, can you post a zshare link on something? I want to hear the full sonics in this.


    hmmmm... oh!

    Thanks Kevin...

    My style changes very often, it depends on the vibe and mood I'm in at the moment. But although I would really like to work under Tim, I won't dare say no to The Neptunes, Dre, Polow, and The Runners. I'd be a doucher.

    Kevin, do you have a link/myspace I can share some music with you?

    Here is my myspace:

    There isn't any of my new material up, since MySpace was acting up with playlist and such. So here is a snippet of the latest if you care we working on for T.I.

    hmmm... I wonder how Big-A feels about this version of Drum Life... haven't seen him around lately...

    yah... this post is long as hell

    *cue credits*

  19. Props to N.L.O on teh link. Thank you surs.

  20. Brandy sounds brilliant on this track. But i dont know but i feel its missing something.... erm a new backing track? i doubt if it will be on shock value 2......

  21. Haze,

    I think a few subtle synths here and there to add a little ear candy would break up the slight monotony. The monotony is slightly there.

    But Jame's was the backing, which I liked. It really helped break up the monotony for me. I really wanted to hear him mixed and mastered.

    But as far as sonic changes done:

    Tim reduced some *mud and *low frequencies in the kick to bring out the sonic nature of the bass and bass synth. The play very well together in the soundscape, but that bass is beautiful.

    Also the stick percs seem to pan from the phantom center to about 20 or 30% to the left. Or it could be spread with a imager, and that is the occurrence.

    Of course the mix is way better, you can actually here the saw synth now. ;)

    Nonetheless, it sounds good. Just need James or some male back for the backings, James or Tim.

    Damn... that bass...

    Tim and his sonic decorations.

    Tips for up and coming producers:

    *mud frequencies usually lie within the 340hz area. Cutting some around this area will take out some mud.

    *low frequencies are of course your 20hz to 100hz. Below 40hz is pretty useless to our ears, but 50hz and above is the sweet spots for giving your drums some sonic breath.

    Like yall care... lol

    - Venture

  22. It's hard for every producer and artist to create a song that the public considers as a hit. Yes, also for Tim. Not every song can be a smash, otherwise he would be billionaire already if there's a formula. I think it's a real nice album cut, but not more. Some hype it up too much.
    As far as why James Fauntleroy isn't on the final version. Pretty simple: there's no intentions for him being a solo artist. Otherwise he would be signed already trust me, considering his discography and the circle he rolls with. So why throw him randomly on a song? Doesn't make sense for all parties involved on the song.

  23. ^^^^^
    wtf? they threw him randomly on "Twisted"....
    So why not "Drum Life"?

  24. I like the song Shock Value 2 is looking like it will be better than the first one.

  25. i'm really not feeling this.
    sounds like a Pussycat Dolls track to me. the vocal arrangement is the only thing remotely original to me on this. the recording might be crisp and thump but the music is boring. sorry but i hope Tim has better, more original stuff on Shock Value.

  26. love this mastering, great great, tim in featuring and this gonna be a big HIT ! sure

    : sorry for my english , im french guy

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. c'est pas vrai mon ami...a HIT sounds different...

    having background vocals or having a few lines, a bridge or even a verse is a complete other story...

  29. too many dickriders up in this place. -_-

  30. You just mad because they aren't "dickriding" you.

    Only in Hip Hop. Only in Hip Hop.

  31. i agree Venture. i hope this is not the mastered version.... needs a male voice i think, im sure timbaland can put in verse. I think the beats are really good. The background is OK...... i like this song but needs something......

  32. oh and by the way it think the start of 'Home' is brilliant but the vocals let it down after that....

  33. timbaland isn't even featured in new kids on the block's "Twisted"... that's James Fauntleroy's voice. Took me a while to figure that out (longer than it should have, but who can tell with all the vocoding), but I bet you didn't know that.

    internet's down at home, so can't wait to hear it

  34. I need to hear James Fauntleroy on the track...


  35. yea james fauntleroys part was my FAVORITE part of the track!!!
    it sounds good now but it sounded so freakin good when fauntleroy came on it!
    i hope they put it bak on...

  36. Venture,
    Unfortunately I don't have a myspace profile. But my e-mail is :
    So if u wanna contact me, it would be more easier


  37. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroflmao @ this place!!!!

    a mess xD

  38. Sounds almost like miles away...the drums that is, the synths also at the end with that clap...sounds nice but it aint no masterpiece

  39. dang i should take more time to read.

    but this version sounds good, with the new knocking at the beginning and end... just, no fauntleroy. =[


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