Monday, December 29, 2008

Cory Bold talks on Keri Hilson's "Alienated"

Cory Bold released the following via his myspace yesterday:

Hi guys! CORY BOLD here! Just wanted to address the recent leak of "KERI HILSON - ALIENATED" That I did the production for. I am a little disappointed, mainly due to the fact that the actual track for that one I did about 3 years back. It was also to suppose to be released A LOT sooner! Just be aware the the production on that track is NOT a very good example of where I am NOW as a music producer. I feel like I have grown in musical skill tremendously since then. Not to mention, the leak is an OLD mix of the song. That is all! Thank you guys, and 2009 is THE YEAR I will make my attack on the music industry..... so I hope you all are ready!!


Fair response especially considering Bold made the announcement about "Alienated" all the way back in early Feburary of 2008, nearly a year ago. To all my producers/beatmakers where were you musically a year ago?

So how did Keri and Cory's collabo come about? Turns out head hancho of Interscope-Geffen-A&M Records, Jimmy Iovine heard a sample of Bold's work and insisted that Keri write to the track according to reports. Described by Bold as a track with "futuristic chime melodies backed with these deep emotional string pads. It takes you into outer space with its captivating beat and futuristic vibe" it shows that a lot can happen in a year, especially for a talented and rising producer.

Plus it's Jimmy Iovine, what are you going to say no!?


  1. In a perfect world this album would be hot LMAOOOOO

  2. The production was good, just Timbo clone. He is a good producer, its just that his Timbaland influence pierces through way too much.

    If Jimmy like it, he has a vision for it. But it seems Jimmy is really close to Keri's project, so... if it flops, then thats gonna badddddddd.

  3. LMAO @ Da Iceman :) HAHAHAHAA!!


    ((i dont think its timbo influence at sounds nothing like it...i still say its polow influence...since polow is the one that chose him...?? ))

  4. Yeah 3 years ago Timbo didnt come out with Nelly Furtado or JT sounds yet...

  5. lol, this sounds like his beats now, 3 years ago he had songs for young rome and mila j and those were so different from this. Anyway, this is pretty good, just a crappy mix.

  6. 3 years ago? Yah, yah, yah... you believe that shit if you want to. I'm a little sick of the "you don't like it? well I did that beat long ago! look where I'm at now". But who knows, maybe this track is 3 years old.

    Like Michael Khan said, they sound like the work he has now.

    So lets say Timbaland jocked Cory Bold's sound? Eh? Even the drum pattern... ehhhrrr... wuteva.

    Cory Dots, you need to go release one boy, getting all upset. lol @ you. Tension!

    I'm about to plug Cory:

    He has progressed ALOT in 3 years. I still like the Alienated beat better than his recent material.

    Anyways, Polow couldn't of been an influence to this track. Why? Take a look at Polow's discog recently?


    So umm...

    Everybody get drunk on New Years and have all the girls stand in line for the bathrooms.


    And I can bet two pennies this album ain't gonna do near as well as we all thought when we knew she was going to make a album, or even when we all heard the snippet of "Your Cover's Blown" and at last, that gem ain't gonna be in a jewel case.

  7. Personally I just think over the last 3 months here on the Chronicles all that we do is critisize. We only want one type of sound from Timbo & Danja & we dont let them explore & experiment. Cory is an amazing producer despite what anyone says & I actually liked that track.Timbo clone or not he has my vote.


  8. Stardust, we all like when an artist put out a great (Timbaland alike or not), but «criticism is the mother of amelioration». So it's normal...
    For example, i love the song «Bounce» on Shock Value but it has no Danja input, just pure Tim.
    On this one Cory is clearly not innovative. Like Venture said same drum patterns etc... so he doesn't have my vote on the production (btw the song is good).
    I'm eager to ear his 2009's «attack on the music industry»

    Now i keep listening to old Dr Dre, DJ Premier, Pete Rock stuff who still sound innovative for me LOL

    P.S : @Venture, I was out of town and i just came back. I saw your mail, you'll get my answer soon.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. hmmm...well then...the criticism rolls on XD ... i just wish that keri and the gang would release something that is just...mindblowing!! thats why we critique! so that they can know...that they need to put out better ish :) ... i mean keri is a good singer and its on them to just show how big she really is...because i have faith in her...((((((your covers blown!!!))))))

    @kevin...agreed :)


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