Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jamie Foxx "Street Walker"

Freestyle Steve breaks us off with another exclusive Jaime Foxx track called "Street Walker" via his myspace go check it out.

The track is produced by Timbaland and J Roc with vocals by Jim Beanz.

So I take it that neither of these tracks will be on Foxx's new album but does that mean there are others that will be on the project? Let's hope so!


  1. hot song but beat is below average :(
    this song sounds like the james fauntleroy songs!
    j roc probably had something to do with those songs too...
    j roc is pissin me off. i miss danja!
    R.I.P. Timbahandz... <3

  2. lol even though Tim got credit for songs Danja did by himself on FS/LS (I believe)

    but, this whole Timbaland/J Roc thing isn't working as well as it should... his old work with Danja is dusting all his new shit with J Roc. these songs are oversimplifying the whole Timbaland complex

    meanwhile Danja continues to expand as an artist and producer

  3. but this song is good for what it's worth... don't get me wrong, it'll probably end up on my iPod top 30 for the month

  4. I like them both their both good songs, but are nothing close to Can I Take U Home that is a great song. It's obvious Tim is still producing pop tracks for the most part right now his work with J Roc is pretty good right now to early to compare to Tim/Danja. Tim/Danja IMO did the same amount of work on FS/LS and it shows.

  5. IMO Danja put in MORE work than Timbaland on FutureSex/LoveSounds... all of the elements of future Danja songs were interspersed throughout all those songs. You can tell just by listening that Danja pretty much did "Set the Mood Right" by himself, aside from the drums. Other songs, too, have a sound that's alien to Timbaland working alone (and more familiar to Danjahandz works), so you can pretty much infer who did what.

  6. But, honestly, we're getting to the point where Jim Beanz alone can put together a more intriguing song than Timbaland and J Roc put together. And, Beanz never got put on like Danja or the Royal Court. These two (Tim and J) are on auto-pilot; Tim has lost his appetite.

  7. link plzzzz
    thank you....

  8. "Bitch I" is on the album as "I Don't Need It"

  9. Meh, its good.
    Tim & J sound too mainstream

    I Liked Danja because he was a new direction, and exciting

    These new tracks sound identical ...just different drum patterns.

    'Bitch I'is mean though...

  10. The beat is hot. But I think a different singer will bring a different sound to the offence to Jamie..I like him.

  11. @aayize
    open google and type in "how to rip music from myspace". no need to ever ask here again for links. thank you.

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  13. There is no way you guys can compare J Roc and Danja at this point. We have not heard enough from J Roc and Tim to compare. And shit Tim and Danja hit major on Justin. Come on it's Justin guys. Lets wait until J Roc and Tim get with an artist on Justin's level to judge whats hot or not i the pop world. O and by the way Danja had way more flops this year than he had hits.


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