Friday, December 12, 2008

KC "Hang That Over My Head" produced by Danja

Here is a first listen to to KC's newest track, unmastered, called "Hang That Over My Head" produced by Danja:

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Kevin Cossom's Pre-Album will be avialable for FREE next Tuesday, 12-16-08. Here is the official tracklisting for the album:

1. Intro
2. "Late Night" (Produced by Frank E)
3. "My Ex" feat. Rick Ross (Produced by Danja)
4. Interview
5. "You Know What You Doin" (Produced by Danja)
6. "Hang That Over My Head" (Produced by Danja)
7. Interview8. "Compatible" (Produced by The Runners)

Love this new track and definitely looking forward to the album!


  1. Its ok, I was looking for a huge synth driven hook because of the mellow tone it has... it built up to nothing.


  2. ^ My exact thoughts, too, Maurio.

    Nothing ever dropped.

    I'm pissed.

  3. I liked the percussion and everything at first, but yeah...never goes anywhere and I pretty much tuned out.

  4. co-sign. but even KC in general, I think he is kinda so-so...

  5. its not mastered guys. wait until the shit drops danja proably gonna bust out his guns

  6. KC can sing can sing but he doesn't have the fire I find him dry no real melody somebody needs to write the songs man danjas beats are going to waste.

  7. i loooooove KC
    and the beat is hot...
    even if it is missing something and dosent go anywhere...
    cant wait to hear the rest...

  8. its all rite. n yes it lacks something...hmmmm..

  9. i thought the prealbum would have more tracks on it, a la Street Power

    oh well

  10. yall are some good critics lol.. and yeah i think its missing like a bassline.. theres no movement to it.

  11. Man I love this song..You cant have synths in everything. Thats what it means to be a producer..I love it Danja.


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