Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brandy talks Timbaland

Rap Up recently caught up with Brandy to talk about the creation of her album Human and working with Darkchild and Timbo. You'll be interested in what she has to say:

On why Timbaland didn't make the album
"One of the reasons why is because it’s hard to get Timbaland’s voice on records, and we really wanted his voice to be on the records. It’s not that they’re not good, it’s just that we couldn’t work it out where he could actually be on the album."

On working with Timbo in the future
"I think I’m gonna work with Timbaland again heavy for my next album. He’s one of the most talented producers, I think, to ever exist. I would love to do an album with him and Rodney together, like they actually executive produce it together. That would be a dream of mine."

And the current situation between Darkchild and Tim
"Timbaland is one of Rodney’s favorite producers and Rodney is one of Timbaland’s favorite producers."

What strikes me is how hard it is to get just Timbaland's voice on a track. Why?

Check for more Brandy in the upcoming winter 08/09 issue of Rap Up


  1. erm..... how hard is it to get timbalands voice??

  2. There's certain people who are literally in control of Tim and what he puts out...pretty simple. If they don't clear it, then it's not gonna happen...

  3. At first I thought she was referring to his voice, literally, but then when she says "It’s not that they’re not good, it’s just that we couldn’t work it out where he could actually be on the album.", i seem to think she was talking figuratively about his voice - his style.

  4. Yeah, I think they're talking about finding a format where his rapping style actually works.. Which is probably as easy as getting Magoo a solo deal

  5. Good Afrodisiac Timbaland and Rodney Jerkins both working on Brandy's album would be great. I won't get excited about it yet though, especially seeing as Brandy's next album is probably gonna be 5 years away.


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