Thursday, December 4, 2008

Britney Spears in the studio

If you haven't seen MTV's Documentary on Britney Spears called "For The Record" go check it out. Fan or not it's a very interesting story of what fame can do to someone. We all conduct everyday tasks without even blinking an eye but imagine trying to simply take a walk down the street hounded by hundreds of photographers. No thanks but hey that's the price of fame I guess.

Stepping off my soapbox, there is a particular segment of interest in the show where MTV catches Britney working with Jim Beanz on "Womanizer" and Britney working with an excited J Que of The Clutch on the bonus track "Trouble." Check it out about 6 minutes in:

Be on the lookout for more Britney in the studio hopefully here soon from The Chronicles.


  1. Trouble is one of my favorite tracks from her recently; partly because of the vocal production, and partly because of Candice Nelson and the background vocals.

  2. Anybody else would've cracked by now...
    In this clip, we see the Britney we've known for years... I'm happy for her.


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