Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tweet goes on her own

We reported that the collabo was going to happen, Tweet even said it herself but unfortunately it is not to be. Finally with the possibility of new Tweet and Timbo or at least new Tweet and Missy, Tweet recently confirmed that she will not be working with either on her new album Love, Tweet which is due for release in May:

****So what happened to Tweet after "Turn Da Lights Off?"

Tweet: The business side of the industry took a toll on me. It didn't go the way I wanted it to go. "Turn Da Lights Off" came out, and then there was no push from the label because of a merger. I went from Elektra Records to Atlantic. What the people there promised never came about. I compromised and changed my album, taking my songs off and putting the songs that they wanted on there, which meant more hip-hop sounding songs. Once I did my part, and they never did what they said their part would be, I got discouraged and really didn't want to do it anymore.

Do you still maintain relationships with Missy and Timbaland?

Tweet: They're strong relationships, but this time I wanted to do it on my own. Missy has done so much. Tim has done so much. I've decided to step out on my own and be that businesswoman. They've called and asked if I need anything, but I really just want to do it on my own.****

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You can also check Tweet out on The Care For Haiti Music Project, a benefit album featuring original songs and selections from Patti LaBelle, Jill Scott, Natasha Bedingfied, Tweet, T-Pain, Sean Paul, , Wyclef Jean, Angelique Kijo, and Brooke Hogan among others also being released in May. Thanks to G for the info.


  1. that's really brave of her to wanna do it on her own but she'll fail... :/

  2. i agree, it won't be the same without that timbo/missy feel in her music, but hopefully it gets some success, but she needs some really good hits or she will flop

  3. I like tweet but i dont see this new album being a hit......it would still be iffy even if tim and missy was on it it would have hot songs but who would buy it

  4. Maybe Danja'll pull a Britney and sneak in onto the album without Tim knowing. :p

  5. ha, magicpuppy, i wonder how tim felt about that wen Danja ended up on the album instead of him

  6. I agree with many of you no doubt the music will sound good, but even with missy or tim the album isn't going to pop off like she wants it to that and the way sales are.

  7. its gona end up lyk wen ginuwine left timbo and missy, da albums gona b poor and a flop. being brave aint always da way forward sumtyms u need to play it safe

  8. has anyone realised that music is shit without timbaland and danja and the rest of the mosley crew.

    Tweet is wasting her talent with music that stuck in the past and very repetitive.

    What you get from timbaland and certainly from danja is that new generated sound. They got a diverse range of sound to the beats and every year you get new and better sound.

    It's a unique talent to fully understand. These guys are trully special. Before i was not into rap/r%b music until I heard Timbaland and now Danjahandz. They are on another planet compared to other producers.


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