Thursday, March 13, 2008

Missy Elliott arrives in May

Keri and Missy in the same month? It's shaping up to be that way as Missy just previewed 8 tracks for Billboard. Check it:

****An eight-song preview of rapper Missy Elliott's upcoming seventh album last night (March 11) reveals that it is shaping up to be a feast of Elliott's trademark eclectic beats mixed with tinges of '70s Washington D.C. go-go funk.

Featuring production by Timbaland, Souldiggaz, Danjahandz, and Point Guard, the Goldmind/Atlantic Records album -- which is due in late May and set to be titled by fans -- includes first single "Best, Best," in which Elliott, repeating the last word to every sentence throughout, rhymes, "We fuss fuss / we fight fight / we make up by the end of the night night."

The Jazmin Sullivan-assisted "Like When You Play The Music," the drum-heavy "Hip-Hop Don't Die" and the sensual "Milk & Cookies," in which Elliott lightheartedly harmonizes about her capabilities in the bedroom, among other things, will also appear on the album. The finished tracklist will likely contain ten or eleven songs.****

Great to know Jazmine will be part of the project, her voice is out of this world. Not sure who Point Guard is yet but we'll look into it. Looks like it's going to be a HOT summer!

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  1. Awesome, cant wait! btw. some time ago it was told here on chronicles that Timbo was recrouted to do the Soundtrack or at least some tracks for it, for the animation movie "KungFu Panda". Are there any new infos about this? since the movie will be released soon..


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