Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Soul Diggaz Interview

Check out the latest interview with Bless, 1/3 of the new Mosley Music Group production signees the Soul Diggaz. Definitely not new company to Timbaland or Missy as they've had a history for the last 5 years, the Soul Diggaz are continuing to gain further acclaim with their current Cheri Dennis single "Portrait of Love." Bless sat down with hiphopdx.com and talked about a producer's defining sound, what makes a hit, and the plans for Izza Kizza. Check it out:

****DX: You have quite an impressive resume. You have an imprint with Timbaland, you have worked with Missy, and these are two of the production legends. Taking it back to Missy, how did that come about?

B: Basically our other partner Corte is Missy’s cousin and she just happened to hear some music and she wanted us to come in and work with her on some stuff. Then a month or two later, she asked us to work with her on a production situation. We were signed to her for three years or so and from 2003 onwards. The majority of everything she did during that time, we did with her.

DX: You all still cool?

B: Yeah we were just at her house the other day; you know she was showing us her new video.

DX: What has been the biggest advancement for producers in the last decade?

B: You probably know what I am going to say, but I would say Timbaland. He just brought music to a whole other level. He made a mash up of everything okay. That is what I love about our situation as he made it okay for guys like me and K to come with our sound which has always been a kind of soulful mash up. The one thing which is different with me and K is that we are producers that can stand strong and diversify. We can do a Rock record and you would think that a Rock producer has done it, or do R&B and Hip Hop, cover all genres at the same time. We could even do some Bluegrass. [Laughs]****

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Don't sleep on this highly talented and innovative production team! Props to Big A.


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  2. Bigup to Souldiggaz and Izza Kizza! For you Create HOTnESS!!!!

  3. Why are there so many haters on this website??




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