Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pharrell & Timbaland split Madonna's Hard Candy

Originally we heard from Timbaland that he did 10 tracks for the new Madonna album and then recently we heard Tim & Danja got 4 or 5, Hannon 3, and Pharrell a couple. Now Pharrell is saying the 12 track album Hard Candy is actaully split right down the middle; 6 for Pharrell and 6 for the Timbo camp. Pharrell recently talked to Vibe about Madonna's "monster" album and Tim signing Chris Cornell to Mosley Music Group:

****I've reposted N*E*R*D's new single, "Everyone Nose," because after spending some time with Pharrell and the group's third album, N.3.R.D., on Friday a few fascinating topics of conversation came up. Some boilerplate (Pharrell loves "Dey Know" and wants to wrap his minor-key tentacles around Shawty Lo's minimalist purr), some expected (Madonna's forthcoming Hard Candy - a "monster" in in his words - is a 12-track split: six Neptunes-produced songs, six Timbaland-produced) and some damn near baffling (we'll get there).

....He [Pharell] also mentioned that Timbaland has signed Chris Cornell to his Moseley Music Group imprint, a smart move in this post-OneRepublic age. Imagine what Tim could do for the leather-lunged Cornell, who, though aged, has already been dabbling with Michael Jackson covers in his solo material.****

N.E.R.D's 3rd album drops sometimes this spring but hopefully here soon the "Everyone Nose" CD single will drop so we can get a look at the liner notes to see what exactly Timbo contributed to the track. Scratches? Drums? We'll have to wait and see.

Q Magazine also got a 5 track preview of Hard Candy which includes "4 Minutes", "Give It To Me" featuring Pharrell (Neptunes), "Candy Shop" (Neptunes), "Incredible" (Neptunes), and "Beat Goes On" featuring Kanye West. She said she wanted a hip hop album and it looks like she's got one. Thanks to Bigmac for the info


  1. I'm liking the looks of this album.
    I cant see it going wrong if its completely produced by Pharrell and Timbo.


  3. Justin Timberlake's 1st album was basically timbaland and pharrell doin the beats and that was pretty good

  4. i think it is a fantastic album. who else can make better beats than theneptunes oder mosleymusicgroup???

    scott storch ????? XD


  5. Sounds like it should be a killer album, but you never know, right? I'll definitely be picking it up, though.

  6. "His tracks [for Hard Candy] are crazy," Williams says with a laugh. "I couldn’t fuck around. I had to come with it."

    pharrell on timbalands shit for Hard Candy..

  7. good to see P gettin' back into the action. thought his solo album was unfairly hated on, hopefully we'll get some of that Neptunes sound injected back in the game. can't say i'd be mad at Timbaland-Neptunes pop/rap dominance.

    plus, competition 'n all that. keepin' each other on their toes!

  8. how are you hiring a producer who did "Everyone Nose" and then expect your album to be a success ?

    wake up Madonna

  9. lol Yeah "Everyone Nose" is kinda weak. I heard a few of the Neptunes tracks from Madonna's ish, and it's a step up, but a little weak still. But on a positive note...I hope the N.E.R.D. album sounds more like the ish Chad Hugo aka Chad Chase did for Kenna. Now that would be ill!


    Give It 2 Me LLLLLLLQ clip.

  11. wow very LQ! no kidding hehe but it sounds good as far as I can hear..

  12. I'm eager to hear this album. I generally like what Madonna does, but her hooking up with Tim and Pharrell has really caught my attention. I can't wait to hear how Pharrell changed up "Candy shop" and "The beat goes on" - because the originals were hot and I prefer them to "4 minutes". Everytime I hear "My sugar is ro', sticky and sweet! My sugar is ro', sticky and sweet!" it makes me wanna do the harlem shake. *LOL*


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