Friday, March 14, 2008

Madonna premieres "4 Minutes" in a shampoo commercial?

Yep that's right, Madonna will debut the Timbaland produced "4 Minutes" in a new Sunsilk commercial on March 17th. The spot will trace Madonna's ever-evolving look throughout the years as a means to inspire girls to play around with their current styles. "We're proud to unveil a powerful advertisement that features a truly inspirational icon along with our new styling products," said David Rubin, director of U.S. Hair Care Operations, Unilever. "Madonna continues to be such an inspiration for young girls by continuously reinventing her looks, and we expect the new commercial will also encourage girls to evolve by changing their looks and making their hair and lives happen in a variety of exciting ways." The track will also be used in the film remake of "Get Smart."

Wait a minute, am I really reporting that Madonna, one of the biggest if not the biggest musician in the the world is debuting her new single in a shampoo commercial?! One could argue that the music industry is in bad shape and looking for new (and innovative?) ways to release and promote music. But this is Madonna recognized in nearly every corner of the world, who is so big in fact she doesn't even have or need a record label. Add to that she also has Justin Timberlake and Timbaland on the album, 2 more of the biggest artists in music today. She signed a $150 million dollar deal for albums, concerts, merchandise etc and she debuts her new single in a shampoo commercial? You could also argue that Madonna is just trying to get paid. Really? Does she need the money that bad? Madonna has and makes more money than most of us will ever make in 100 lifetimes yet she's willing to go the "get paid" route for her new single?

Now that isn't aimed at Madonna directly, no not at all. Rather I think it says a lot when one of the biggest artists but more so one of the biggest visionaries on the planet, renowned for her innovation, continuous re-invention of herself and her ideas, and consistent and constant pusher of all boundaries decides that a shampoo commercial is the best choice to release her new single.

But it says even more about where music is headed...


  1. What's the big deal? Some people find anything to bitch about.

  2. What's wrong with maximum exposure? A little album whoring won't hurt anyone. Especially when most major artist now a days, can barely hit the gold status.

    She's doing the same thing Beyonce was doing during her B'Day garbage. Whoring the hell out of it. The cell phone endorsements, etc...


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