Thursday, March 6, 2008

Supervision "Superstar"

Back in the day, unless you actually owned the vinyl or CD itself, identifiying a rare Timbaland track was pretty much impossible. Add to that the confusion of a track produced by Timbaland productions and you had a lot of misidentified tracks. Case in point AZ's "AZ Back" and Queen Latifah's "Go Head" both thought to be produced by Timbaland but actually were both produced by Big Tank for Timbaland Productions which we discussed last year.

Along with those 2 tracks, "Superstar" by the blind rapper Supervision was also long thought to be a Timbaland production but was also identified (how many stans remember the geocitites site!?) to also be produced by Timbaland productions but who specifically? Big Tank? Bill ("Mike") Pettaway? It's actually neither. Take a look:

Uploaded with

That's right none other than Spunk, yet another producer who produced for Timbaland productions. Spunk has since gone on to work with Eddie F, Masta Ace, Cormega, and G. Dep. What's up with Supervision lately? Well you can always check out his myspace page to get the latest.


  1. Is this Spunk Bigga?

  2. Does anyone actually have this track? Because i never heard it.


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