Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Chronicles Exclusive: Money gives us the "Future"

After the success and attention of her featured single "Fantasy" off Timbaland's Shock Value, the "who Is Money?" campaign has been in full effect. To keep our curiousity in tact she's teased us with a couple of snippets "Check That Bitch" and "Touch" as well as a full track "Who Am I" via her myspace page. Well the unveiling of who Money really is might be just around the corner.

Money has signed to long time Tim, Magoo, Playa, and Aalyah label Blackground Records and has been busy in the studio creating her debut album. Producers include the legendary Walter Milsap (who produced "Fantasy" and has written countless hits over the last decade) and Timbaland, who will also be executive producing the album. Writers also include Walter Milsap and none other than The Clutch.

Currently, Money is testing various radio outlets with the track "Future" produced by Milsap and so far I've heard the response has been incredible. Definitely check out your local radio station for the song and if you don't hear it, call in and request it. Check back to The Chronicles for more info and hopefully to hear the song very soon. Congratulations to Money!


  1. She deserves everything she's getting...Very talented artist and there's no one like her in the industry right now.

  2. I love this chick's style. I hope she does well.


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