Friday, March 28, 2008

Timstrumental of the Week

It's been a while since we dropped some good ol' fashion Tim beats for ya' but hopefully this week we can make up for the absence. Overall, the response to both of these tracks has been great and there even seems to be somewhat of a consensus of the similarity between the two. Take a listen:

Flo Rida "Elevator" Instrumental

Madonna "4 Minutes" Instrumental

So if you have Timbaland & Danja on one track (4 Minutes) and Timbaland and Hannon (Elevator) on the other what's the common link? Of course the obvious, Timbaland, but there is another and that would be Hannon. Yes, only the one and only Madonna could get all 3 producers on one track and that she did for her hit "4 Minutes."


  1. Both tracks suck.

  2. "4 minutes" is more tolerable as an instrumental. I hate the track with the vocals on it, but the beat is hotness.

  3. can that anonymous person just piss off! Elevator instrumental is hot!

  4. Jay Z - Aint I - NO DJ/Dirty/High Quality

  5. What Hannon? He didn't co-produce 4 Minutes.

  6. "Aint I" is straight fire!!!! I dont understand how that couldn't make any CD anywhere. What a shame....

  7. Real production credits for the track:

    Produced by
    Timbaland for Timbaland Production,
    Justin Timberlake for Tennmann Production and
    Danja for Danjahands Productions.

    Additional production by
    Demacio "Demo" Castellon for Storm-Circle Ent.

  8. Surely Madonna is credited as a producer as well? She also gets co-production credits.

  9. Who has an alternative link?

  10. Nope, this is the only track from the new album Hard Candy, that M hasn't co-produced. She co-wrote it though.

    Here you have the promo CD scan, where all credits are written:

  11. Good look on the scan!

    Credits aren't always right though, sometimes they leave little things out :)

  12. Fool what are you talking about both tracks are hot!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop smoking.

  13. Wow, everybody was too busy bickering to even consider giving thanks to the Chronicles crew for the shit WE take for granted. So, here is a WELL-DESERVED.. THANK YOU!!

    I think Tim put fire on both tracks though there are certain similarities.

    Furthermore... I recall a similarity between: Timbaland's "Scream" and the Intro to "Inside Man" movie, starring Denzel Washington...
    The Kick beats are 'almost' the same, the very present COWBOY-TYPE vibe is in there (somewhere).. with an idian twist??
    Did Tim sample the clip or at very least be inspired by it?

    Consider also, the concept/theme of the Movie & Video Clip

    Any link at all?


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