Monday, March 31, 2008

Keri Hilson previews In A Perfect World

Keri Hilson recently say down with Last FM to give them a preview of her forthcoming album In A Perfect World and this is what she had to say about it:

****We got a first listen at Keri Hilson's (the chick in "Way I Are") debut album, In a Perfect World, on Tuesday, and it seems Timbaland DOES have a ear for talent. Here is a sneak peek of our article, coming this Wednesday. "Before the album was played, Keri told us a few things:

On the title:
'The title was very difficult to choose. We had, like, 4 titles in the bag, but then it was down to two. Keri'd Away, which is a play on my name, obviously, but I chose In a Perfect World. It wasn't saying that I'm perfect, because I am definitely not, but I thought it was appropriate for the album.'

The sound:
'My sound is a mixture of alot of things... alot of moods. It's definitely R&B, but it's mixed in with techno, pop, soul... It seems like it's all over the place, but it's not. It's different.'

'Well, Tim [Timbaland] obviously. He's overseeing the whole thing. I've also got Nate [Danja], Polow [Da Don], Cornaboyz... Alot of collabos. I've also got Snoop [Dogg] in a song, Justin [Timberlake] on a song... It's like a party.'

Then, came the album. We were told this it wasn't fully mixed, but in the process of being fully mixed.

1. "Return The Favour"
The tentative first single. An uptempo R&B banger, with a techno-ish feel to it. This'll definitely set the dancefloors running with it's overthetop baseline, and it's suggestive lyrics ('You gave it to me good, I'll give it to you better', 'I wanna hear your voice in my ear, tell me what you wanna do'). A stomper.

2. "Get Me Off (The Bench)"
Honestly, we don't know what this song is about. Is it about sex, or is it about Keri having her chance to 'get off the bench' and shine, we will probably never know... (it might be about sex with the way Keri moans and whimpers over it like she's having an orgasm, but when pointed out, she said that's the way nearly all female singers sing nowadays, which contradicts with her earlier plan to set herself aside, so that's why we think it's about sex.) One thing's for sure, though. This mid-tempo bouncer is a song to play in the cars when you're driving with the top down and the wind is in your face. Definitely will attract attention, considering the moa-er the heavy vocals...

3. "Let Me Go"
One of three ballads we heard. Really deep and personal, though it sounds like a carbon copy of "What Goes Around...". Justin provides backing vocals here. 'If you aren't ready for love, then let me go. When you're ready enough, just let me know' drawls Keri all over the track. Beautiful."****

Yes it is true, "Return The Favor" though once thought to be the official first single and performed by Keri at Timbaland's Grammy pre-party, may be changed to another track. We'll keep you updated as we get the news. Props to aayize for the info.



    snippet of Mariah Carey "Migrate" has leaked.

  2. When the hell will this leak?

    I need my Keri!

  3. Wait, let me get this straight. You need your Keri?

    I'm so psyched for this album.

  4. I got a mid stiffy just reading the description of "Get Me Off"... damn Keri...

  5. come on keri...frickin release the album!! Waited long enough...stop the frickin delay!

  6. this cd better win tons of grammys and have 7 or 8 singles with all this delay!! omg when cds make sure every little thing is correct and pays attention to every detail it never gets popular!


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