Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Izza Kizza Interview

Izza Kizza's name has been spreading like wildfire as has his unique spin on music. People talk about the lack on ingenuity in music these days yet here you have someone creating their own style but are the masses ready for it? Izza talked with about his this very question along with the pressures (or lack there of) signing with Timbaland and the meaning of longevity . Check it out:

****Sixshot: Your style is very unique and eclectic. Are you worried it might go over some people’s heads?

Izza Kizza: Well I think that’s one of the main things that really attracted Timbaland to my style of music, because it’s so unique. It’s not like “rapping” because I do “music.” I’d rather be considered as a musician, because I go into the studio and I compose records. I was doing “16’s” when I was 16. I was rapping and freestyling and all of that when I was young. I just wanted to do music, and some of my inspirations were like Outkast. And if you think about it, some of their records are going to go over your head if you’re not listening. It can definitely miss you. I’m trying to keep it at a medium, and not do something so left, that people will be like, “Oh this guy is crazy!” I just keep it at a medium and even if it goes left, you’re going to still get it.

I would love for people to understand, but everybody doesn’t understand all sources of music, and I’m cool with that. But I’m just doing my music to reach my fans, and just trying to let a new avenue in. So people can see that you can do different music, and that’s it’s cool to be different. So my whole thing is about being creative and innovative. I’m not too worried about it going over people’s heads, because the people that are going to get it are going to get it.

A lot of new artists come out, and they’re not around.

Sixshot: With Timbaland co-signing you, do you feel any pressure? Or are you just anxious to prove yourself?

Izza Kizza: I’m definitely anxious, I’m not worried. I don’t take myself too serious on records, I go in there and I have fun with the records. I find a record that I like, and I go in there and do something with it. I’m here to have fun with my career man—I’m not going to be tense and all of that. I’m not a thinker—I’m a doer.

I’m going go out there, and I’m going to do this record and the people are going to like, they’re going to love it, and they’re going to enjoy it.If you’re on stage just walking around hold your crotch, people aren’t going to get anything from that. I’m giving to you stuff that you can learn from. And I’m just trying to keep it interesting.****

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